Ghost in the Shell – Live Action (Adaptation)

So I got to see the ghost in the shell live action movie. It is not as bad as everyone ranted about. I will say being a fan of the Manga/Anime franchise, this was not a bad adaptation. I will say that I think there were a few issues that they could should have done instead. Everyone speaking one language for consistency they had “Beat” Takeshi Kitano as Chief Daisuke Aramaki and he was speaking Japanese the entire time. It does throw things off a bit when there is a language switch off/on from time to time, that was something that kind of bugged me as a fan.



I like the way it does combine, the three movie storylines into one story arc, with a clean clear ending. I was a bit saddened they did not change the ending with a twist this time with project 2517/Kuze being restored, joining section 9 or some other twist. There were other cool moves added from in gits – innocence, the relation between Motoko and Kuze which was a bit unexpected but well received by me at least.  I am not sure if the origins between The Major and Batou were ever addressed originally, and how he got his implants but this movie really did a great a job with showing the audience how Batou got his cyber vision replacements.  Who else liked or disliked the movie?


I think the whole “whitewashing” bitching and moaning was rather overdone and it is a matter of opinion when it comes to retells or alternate versions of a Fave Fandom.  This one is no different, it just could have been looked at in a impartial view, but as all things we know that could not and would not happen.  Next review will be DeathNote Live Action and then on to Full Metal Alchemist Live.  Oh and hopefully the Bleach live action will be as cool as some of the other productions that have been brought into a live action edition.


UNREAL TOURNAMENT DEATHMATCH UE4 Video Footage! (And an update on our UE4 Project)

Hey, and how-do! It looks like we got some really cool news last night. Unreal Tournament is back in livid Unreal 4 Code and Color! These coders, modelers, texture artists and testers have gone through some extreme coding and programming on getting us the gamers UT4 DM! Here is some Video Footage of this awesome team testing out that with is fresh start from a still thriving game. Bruce and I have been quite busy with our own lives and we haven’t had any time for our own project on UE4.

However, we now have a Character concept Artist who is quite creative and talented and is currently working on her degree and wanting to get into the game development field and being a fellow cosplayer involved with The Utah Deadpool Corp we knew she was prefect for our project and with alos being local is a added plus, Ms. Dani Powers has done quite a number of her own characters, she has a particular hobby/obsession with Deadpool and who can blame her! Wade is the awesome Antihero and he is let’s be honest here he’s gone thru some serious traumatic redemption trials he deserves slack and benefit of the doubt. We very excited to see the characters given a fresh reboot look for UE4, so stick around watch not only The Cybernauts Podcast, but Team Jade Phoenix as well with our new Concept artist Dani *DeadPool* Powers!

Stay tuned we will be back in June to kick off our Anime Summer Series review!

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary After Show Podcast

Ok people tell me that wasn’t something absolutely brilliant! Took me by surprise, and then and THEN a few twisty curves around he bends as well. So it does seem however that this may also mean that , Peter Capaldi will be the 13th Doctor rather than the 12th that everyone was under the impression of with the revelation that John hurt was actually supposed to be the 9th Doctor, the “Warrior” Doctor. Billie Piper being involved as the weapon’s conscience was a bit of surprise as well, I know I was taken back a bit when she showed up as a Telepathic projection to the 9th Doctor. Zygons?  Really? I hadn’t heard that name since 2010 in Sarah Jane’s Adventures one of Russell T Davies works.

But yea, we’re also discussing Battlefield 4 and the fact that EA couldn’t stand to see Call of Duty get the 1st Spot as far as release date was concerned and it bit them in the ass for it as well. Bruce will be discussing the OH so awesomeness of doing some of the work that EA’s Dev team for BF4 should have been doing as far as the graphics and net code or lack of net code I should say. When you shoot someone in game you shouldn’t walk around the corner when you think the person is dead and then opps! You drop dead instead because the other person saw you ran around popped one off in your head 2 minutes ago.  Yea, that’s really fair EA, you guys are going to hit SO big with BF4 and all. (I am rolling my eyes while saying that.)

MMO’s are they dead or just more tightly knit These days?

Hey peeps, yea it’s me with another article on gaming. I was looking around earlier this morning checking on some of my old haunts and posting up and some the forums, when I ran across a person I known for some time and had broken ties with for issues too dumb to really go into anymore. But she was explaining how the MMO Community has lacked in the interaction of camaraderie during the quests and while in the tavern, inn, space bar, Hot Disco underground rave club.  This is what she said with my thoughts in between them.

What I mean Joe, is that every time I log into Star Trek Online, or Star Wars the old republic, or Elf Quest, I can find people everywhere, but no one is talking. No one is interacting with the hundreds or thousands of other people also playing the game around them. If you manage to get a group no one talks, no one interacts; they just do the mission and then quit the party and run away again.

“Which I don’t think is really the case here. There will be times where there are those types of players that are in it for the tanking got the experience points and bails and that’s all they do, or care to do.  There are those out there that are just in it for the game, not the interaction so much. I for one am the type that does like the interaction and the helping of others with their crops, cattle, questing, and helping the surrounding lands/planets/Dimensional planes of my comrades. We do meet in the guild hall and discuss things of both the real world and that which of the MMO we may be in at the time.  But it’s because we’re part of that guild/order that brings that sense of belonging to the game and that interaction “she” is talking there is a lack of. “

I remember hanging in the Kobold dens outside of Quynos for hours in EQ, just sitting around in a room joking with others, telling fake in world and real world stories while waiting for a member of the group to bring the train back. I remember the screams of text joy when someone managed to get the sword from the big scary kobold and then going back to hanging with the group.

“I remember hanging out at Ten Forward in STO, and talking with my crew and some of the other ships crew members. Oh wait “I” still do! This is because I don’t stay away for long periods of time or I at least reach out every week or so seeing what’s going in game  in between taking care of my kids for the most part they help around the house now days and only need me when they need a ride somewhere or help with their homework or Gee, having to change rooms so they can have privacy of their own  but they need the old man to haul their furniture upstairs, downstairs, move the old family TV into the oldest room so they can have their console hooked up to it, or the other one of the twin’s needs the bed this way so it’s not so cold in the winter and being away from the window is a good thing.

I remember the bar that was also the thief’s guild of “bards” telling stories to full PC crowds for a good hour and people talking and cheering and everything imaginable.

“I remember being on the plains light saber in hand and running into battle against Sith legions and bringing justice back to the planet and the sector. I also remember hanging in the Cantina discussing where we should go to next to train and expand some of our skills. “

The genre to me is dead not in that no one is playing but that they are no long Massive Multiplayer just massive amounts of players all playing next to each other but not with each other.

“I don’t know what servers she’s hanging out in, but the ones I have been in there is always someone to say “YO, what’s up?” and hang out with or adventure quest with. The Genre to me isn’t dead, quite the opposite. I feel more in contact sometimes in cyberspace than I do in reality which sometimes can be a bad thing, but that’s an entirely different level/subject. I can say that the MMO Genre is not dead by any means, it’s more closed maybe like a private community or HOA Settlement compound.”


That’s it for this subject for now. I’m off to Wartune and talk with the guild on some improvements and maybe even start a party or two for Daru and Gold but more for experince! 😀 BATTLE ON FOR GREAT JUSTICE! 

A Legend among The Video WarGods has passed beyond the pale curtain.


Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi, a man who transformed his great-grandfather’s playing-card company, Nintendo, and marched it into one of the global video game powerhouses has died on Today in Kyoto, Japan. He was 85. This was due to complications caused by a case of pneumonia.

Mr. Yamauchi, who took Nintendo and from 1949 to 2002, was Japan’s most reluctant high-tech success story, Assuming the position of president of the family business at an age of 22, he warp sped Nintendo through board games to light-emitting toy guns ventures that lacked that special something that he later attributed to a “lack of imagination” but then the age of arcade games came about.

The Nintendo Entertainment System aka The NES was a console that was first released in Japan in 1983 entitled the “Famicom,” which made the leaders in the video game industry on their heads standing on their hair, sold over 60 million units all to shrewd advertising and marketing as well product quality and a game lineup on a set of characters that soon became video game legends.

The Original Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong became overnight successes which also gave rise to Nintendo’s wildly successful home console business.
The Man who brought you the plumber that rescues the princess, the dog that helps you in duck hunting the robot that helped out with your eye and hand coordination, Mr. Yamauchi, who professed not to understand video games, went on and dominated the business. When the super famicom was released seven years later, people took up camp outside of The Warehouse, Tower Records, Sears, Woolworth and other stores that had an electronics department for days waiting; and when it hit?

The NES/Famicom sold just about 50 million units. Stage 2 was the Nintendo 64 then Nintendo Game Cube, as well then the handhelds Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, the DS and 3DS. Mr. Yamauchi is someone we looked up to being that Generation X and Generation Y who grew up with the Wii and DS next gen consoles now to our own grandkids for some of us who will be Generation Z. The Man that got us hooked on Mario and His brother Lugi, a lovable Ape and his ability to bowl barrels down ramps, a small elf like guy named Link looking for his Maiden Fair Zelda, yes we will remember these names and characters but let’s not forget that person who managed to start that barrel of success rolling and still hasn’t stopped yet. Our wishes and Condolences to his wife Michiko Inaba and their three children.  A funeral is scheduled for Sunday at Nintendo, following a wake on Saturday.

Hiroshi Yamauchi
Nov 7, 1927 to Sep 19, 2013

Dr.Who, The SDF-01, The Tardis and Zenteradi, Departures and Celebrations!

96 Hours ago we the fans of a time/space traversing gallifreyan were told that Matt Smith is stepping down from the lead role of Doctor Who at the end of The 2013 4th Quarter. This news was spread by a few news site but also recently confirmed by a posting on the BBC website. Matt is, of course, still to be in the 50th Anniversary special with his friend and fellow cohort, former Doctor David Tennant, it will be an event indeed to see “WHO” The Doctor regenerates into, A woman? A man? A Ginger Man? A Ginger Woman? Who’s to say, we’ll all have to wait. Also we have Brent Lengel on the show with some very exciting news on his play North to Maine coming out, definitely check that out. We’re excited for Brent on this auspicious occasion/event! We will be looking forward to hearing the report on the reveiws of his play North to Maine over the summer quarter.

THE concert celebrating 30 years of was announced at the Macross stage event at Wonder Fest 2013 Winter! Voice Actress, Singer, Dancer, Mari Iijima aka Minmay in the first Macross (sidenote she also voiced her role in the English release of Macross in 2006) will grace us with her lyrical talents, as well as other Voice Actress/Actors singers from the Macross Universe crossover for a Vocal Celebration to soothe our ears. Yoshiki Fukuyama akak Basara from Macross 7, Chie Kajiura Mylene aslo from Macross 7, May’n who was Sheryl from Macross Frontier, Megumi Nakajima, Ranka from Macross Frontier (Nya nya), will be appearing in this Macross Live 30 event. Being held on July 13 at the Makuhari Messe center Halls 1-2 in Chiba Japan. The Macross Crossover Concert event tickets went on sale on May 25. Hopefully we can catch this live on the internet as well for those that don’t have passports and the money to fly to Chiba to such an milestone event!

Interview with Triple Slash Studios and Their new game Magnetic by Nature Awaking. Cybernauts Ep. 33

Well finally able to post up our interview with Triple Slash Studios and their new game on The X-Box Indie Store Magnetic by Nature Awaking. Sorry it took so long but there were a number of issues this month. But with that aside, I have to say it was very interesting overall hearing the different faucets and hats that the triple slash team had. But have to say I’m surprised on it due to keeping things not complicated, busy but not complicated and also it seemed to be an excellent lesson and adjustment and points of view, with just a dash of extra responsibility as well. They premiered the release of their title at the first SaltFest Gaming Expo at The University of Utah’s Union Hall. Where it did receive a well deserved welcome and test driven over the period of the convention. You can download it from here at the XBox Microsoft Store.

Mr. Hurst was also kind enough to allow us to listen to some of the music from this very cool and educational side scrolling Indie Game. (You’ll get a taste of that at the end of the podcast. There were 10 people on this team and for me that’s a lot of peep-power. Definitely wanted to hear from some of the others on the team, but due to constraints time wise were unable to attend but we did get to talk to three of the team’s busy crew Kyle, Dave, and Andrew, very talented people in our opinion. We hope to follow up on this team in the next few months and have a chance to bring on some more of the talented team that is comprised of triple slash studios. Also big thanks go to Paige Ashlynn for informing us of about this and helping give us an opportunity to be able to interview the team he works with and we will have him on the follow up interview soon.

(Episode 32 had some issues on playback Sorry)

A request to our Listeners and their friends.

Ok, so we have a forum that has not seen much action in a byte (Pun implied). So I’m going to suggest that those who follow our podcast and enjoy the antics and also topics. Please join our forums at the Jade Phoenix Game Development site to further discuss some the topics we have and/or suggest some topics you’d like us to discuss/review. Whether its anime, manga, gaming, Arts/Entertainment media, post up we always go over suggestion and request. Who knows we may even ask one of you to come to voice your opinion on the subject of discussion for the podcast.


I also have a request from fellow forum admin, and mutual gamer, PSX-Dude. is a cool place, and His forums are indeed a need for peeps for population; the cobwebs are hard to clean out of the corners too. (Just Kidding Chris!) But seriously peeps, I’d love it if I saw some of our listeners over there posting up art, poetry, talk games, maybe even establish a rapport with PSX himself, who knows, you might even be able ot get him to sit down and game with some of you. He’s even on steam believe it or not. So, please support both our forums, thanks everyone for taking the time to read this too, it is appreciated believe it.

Defiance The SyFy TV Show and Game By Trion Worlds Review Ep#29.

Both I and one of our other podcasters Bruce decided to review Defiance on Syfy and The Game from Trion Worlds. It also gave us a chance to discuss the game both from the PC view as well as an X-Box edition and there are some debatable subjects that do come to the table as we discussed the nuances that bothered both us with our experiences with the game.

Definitely had some opinions on the show as well, as we went into comparisons and what was done quite well and what fell short of what’s been worked on over the last four years in preparation for this venture melding of TV with Game. Anyways, here it is, and as usual please feel free to leave comments and opinions.

Ok, Disney What the hell are you doing?

First we have this Disney closes Junction Point Studios And now We get this off the news mill. Disney, who acquired Lucas film and Lucas Arts, last year in a $4.05 billion deal, has slammed the doors closed on the legendary Lucas Arts Gaming division. Roughly 150 LucasArts Employees now join The Lines of the Unemployeed, GEE THANKS DISNEY, for ruining an awesome franchise, you really have alienated not only gamers but overall fans of the star wars universe.

“After evaluating our position in the games market, we’ve decided to shift Lucas Arts from an internal development to a licensing model, minimizing the company’s risk while achieving a broader portfolio of quality Star Wars games,” Disney informed Game Informer in a statement. “As a result of this change, we’ve had layoffs across the organization. We are incredibly appreciative and proud of the talented teams who have been developing our new titles.”

Here is some news footage from our friends at The Escapist in regards to this heinous issue.

Although a Star Wars Gaming Entertainment Studio in recent years, the publisher will be remembered for its work defining the adventure gaming genre from the ’90s, and the first decade of the 21st century on such titles as Maniac Mansion, The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango and Day of the Tentacle. The souls of those games and time moved forward with Lucas arts after Ron Gilbert and Double Fine’s Tim Schafer had left.

The last Lucas Arts game under development was Star Wars 1313, there were around for months on the action-adventure’s development which had been stopped with no future news as of yet. In addition, fate of Star Wars: First Assault, a MMOS, has been just as clear as far as news goes, clear as mud. It’s beyond this blogger’s mind why Disney would kill off LucasArts? Did they think that the Cash Cow was out of milk, and it was time to grind it to ground round after Acquiring said Franshise? I mean why stop development on what is sure to be a hit to the Jedi and Sith Communities and Fan Circles? Disney, just what is going on in the head of yours? Walt Disney would have never done something like that.