In the dark reaches of space, a lone group of internet podcast reviews crash lands on the planet earth, to help and defend the evils of anime weaboo’s, unjust game reviews, internet trolls and the forces of otaku con goers. Join the crew of Bruce, Steve, Ken AKA Max, Josh,and Amanda, Robert & John as together we fight the forces of nerdkind in… The CyberNauts Cast!!!!

Our top secret contact email to you, the listeners, for any questions or request for help: (cybernautscast@gmail.com).

P.S.: We used to be the Cool Kids Klub Podcast.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Sup guys!!

    We got Gundam Month two firing up in June, so you are more than welcome to be apart of that. Well kick it off with 0083 and Zeta Gundam for our first week.

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