Manga Artist/Creator Shigeru Mizuki Has passed away

I feel lately I am reporting the obituaries for anime and manga artists. (I feel like I might need therapy soon if we keep losing veteran talent like this.) The Artist/Creator of the known eerie manga GeGeGe no Kitaro passed away this morning in Tokyo, according to Nikkan Sports. Shigeru Mizuki was 93 years old.


GeGeGe no Kitaro made it’s debuted in 1960 and moved forward to spawn anime adaptations and Sentai films. His manga, and anime, reignited the country’s love with the yokai folklore and legends. Here are some samples of his work with one I know fans will know and love from the Godzilla dayz.



Before being a full-time mangaka, Mizuki served in World War II. While being treated for malaria in New Guinea, his hospital was bombed by the Allies, and he lost his left arm. Through manga, Mizuki also detailed his war experiences and how he developed such a strong relationship with the New Guinea tribespeople of Tolai villagers on Rabaul, on the island of New Guinea. There is even a film about his time in the military and with the village A Cinema media was made of his time during WWII in Rabaul, entitled “The Noble Death Witnessed” by Producer/Director Kitaro Ga Mita Gyokusai. Not sure if Mizuki’s latest manga is titled Watashi no Hibi /わたしの日々 has been completed or not and if has, will the publishing house race to place it on the shelf with the news of his passing?


Mizuki has kept busy,by producing new art and manga well into his 90s and on the social media outlet of Twitter, showing a culinary perchance for hamburgers, sweets, and coffee, as well as life itself. He will be missed not only by family but by his extended families as well The Tolia, and his many fans over the years.


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