Movie and Video Game Illustrator and Artist Noriyoshi Orai Passes Away age:79

Hello Fellow Anime Fans and Bloggers,

It is with a heavy heart that this person was just handed some deeply tragic news. Noriyoshi Orai has passed away Noriyoshi Orai is known for his creative artwork and stylings in the Cinema and Video Game Media Industry with works from Star Wars and Godzilla to Metal Gear Solid and other Video game titles. He lost his life with a serious battle of pneumonia at the age of 79, still too young to be taken from a world that loves his creativity.

He is survived by his wife Yasuko; he will be missed and remembered not only as an Artist and illustrator, but as a loving husband and human being. Here are some examples of his art work and I hope you will enjoy them as much as this blogger does as well.

Steve L Reporting


Salt Lake City Comicon Review 2015

Hey everyone, I am back from Salt Lake Comicon! Spending some quality time with my wife and #SLCC15 #EPIC .My Wife and I took in the first panel of the Convention which was Marina Sirtis and her panel was pretty funny.  It was fantastic, we took in a number of panels and even got interviewed by none other than Skelator Ace Report of #IdiotBoxProductions Podcast aka #IBP AT 1:06 CHECK IT OUT #SkelatorAceReporter

I didn’t know that Menopause was such a big part of her life as of late. ( Oo; really…. not joking need to check it out) then we just sat in the grand ballroom for the next Panel which was the one my waifu (My wife) and I were waiting for the Scott Wilson Panel. He’s had a long filming career and I didn’t even know he was in the late samurai movie. The Q & A were pretty funny as well and afterwards we strolled around checking the Dealers Floor and checking out some of the awesome Cosplayers that were there. Plus #JohnBarrowman was there #GOTEAMBARROWMAN ! Oh and we got to hear him sing, brought a tear to these old eyes. Here is the panel itself enjoy it please!

I ran into #ShelyLundberg and #NathanJodzko #DenverBradbury and other friends while my wife and I were there. Got a chance to get #PhelpBrothers autographs, as well as #JennaColeman. I was Cosplaying the entrepreneuring Aperture/BlackMesa Double agent-Scientist (Since I could) and ran into the #Glitch booth and found an excellent #Aperture Polo I can wear at work. Wife bought some small items from artists alley. I got a ton of pics as well and I will update this later when I have access to my camera soon.

I think the only real issue I have with #SaltLakeComicon is the fact they close the dealers room WAY too early. I’ve been #SDCC as some of you know in my younger days, and I will say the dealers room there stays open till 9 pm for two of the 3 days it was open and then till 3 to 4 pm on the last day for tear down and clean up. But they kept the rooms open because they knew there would be those that came in late due to work or whatever, but it gave them a chance to get the items they wanted to get for their collection/cosplay/library/props. On a side note I am hoping that #SaltLakeComicon gets #PeterCapaldi to come to #FanX1016 that way I can get his autograph with #jennacolemans ‘s on the photo we picked up at The Con a couple of days ago.

Oh yea, #ChrisEvans and some of the marvel avengers were there too. 😛

OH Ok, fine yea he was there with #HayleyAtwell #SebastianStan and #AnthonyMackie they did a panel or two togther as a group and individually as well. The Celebrity Row was PACKED to the brim Saturday for autographs and pictures with the Marvel team and I think we might even see #SLCC become one of Marvel’s Fave Conventions to come to as well in the near future, after all #Stanlee did say we had the Greatest Convention so far. My hat is tipped to #DanFarr and #BryanBradenburg for a successful Convention and turn out, and I do hope that they’ll consider having the dealers room open just a little bit longer on the next Convention or maybe even at #FanX to experiment and see how the crowds react to it and see if more purchasing and people come as well.

MMO’s are they dead or just more tightly knit These days?

Hey peeps, yea it’s me with another article on gaming. I was looking around earlier this morning checking on some of my old haunts and posting up and some the forums, when I ran across a person I known for some time and had broken ties with for issues too dumb to really go into anymore. But she was explaining how the MMO Community has lacked in the interaction of camaraderie during the quests and while in the tavern, inn, space bar, Hot Disco underground rave club.  This is what she said with my thoughts in between them.

What I mean Joe, is that every time I log into Star Trek Online, or Star Wars the old republic, or Elf Quest, I can find people everywhere, but no one is talking. No one is interacting with the hundreds or thousands of other people also playing the game around them. If you manage to get a group no one talks, no one interacts; they just do the mission and then quit the party and run away again.

“Which I don’t think is really the case here. There will be times where there are those types of players that are in it for the tanking got the experience points and bails and that’s all they do, or care to do.  There are those out there that are just in it for the game, not the interaction so much. I for one am the type that does like the interaction and the helping of others with their crops, cattle, questing, and helping the surrounding lands/planets/Dimensional planes of my comrades. We do meet in the guild hall and discuss things of both the real world and that which of the MMO we may be in at the time.  But it’s because we’re part of that guild/order that brings that sense of belonging to the game and that interaction “she” is talking there is a lack of. “

I remember hanging in the Kobold dens outside of Quynos for hours in EQ, just sitting around in a room joking with others, telling fake in world and real world stories while waiting for a member of the group to bring the train back. I remember the screams of text joy when someone managed to get the sword from the big scary kobold and then going back to hanging with the group.

“I remember hanging out at Ten Forward in STO, and talking with my crew and some of the other ships crew members. Oh wait “I” still do! This is because I don’t stay away for long periods of time or I at least reach out every week or so seeing what’s going in game  in between taking care of my kids for the most part they help around the house now days and only need me when they need a ride somewhere or help with their homework or Gee, having to change rooms so they can have privacy of their own  but they need the old man to haul their furniture upstairs, downstairs, move the old family TV into the oldest room so they can have their console hooked up to it, or the other one of the twin’s needs the bed this way so it’s not so cold in the winter and being away from the window is a good thing.

I remember the bar that was also the thief’s guild of “bards” telling stories to full PC crowds for a good hour and people talking and cheering and everything imaginable.

“I remember being on the plains light saber in hand and running into battle against Sith legions and bringing justice back to the planet and the sector. I also remember hanging in the Cantina discussing where we should go to next to train and expand some of our skills. “

The genre to me is dead not in that no one is playing but that they are no long Massive Multiplayer just massive amounts of players all playing next to each other but not with each other.

“I don’t know what servers she’s hanging out in, but the ones I have been in there is always someone to say “YO, what’s up?” and hang out with or adventure quest with. The Genre to me isn’t dead, quite the opposite. I feel more in contact sometimes in cyberspace than I do in reality which sometimes can be a bad thing, but that’s an entirely different level/subject. I can say that the MMO Genre is not dead by any means, it’s more closed maybe like a private community or HOA Settlement compound.”


That’s it for this subject for now. I’m off to Wartune and talk with the guild on some improvements and maybe even start a party or two for Daru and Gold but more for experince! 😀 BATTLE ON FOR GREAT JUSTICE!