Salt Lake City Comicon Review 2015

Hey everyone, I am back from Salt Lake Comicon! Spending some quality time with my wife and #SLCC15 #EPIC .My Wife and I took in the first panel of the Convention which was Marina Sirtis and her panel was pretty funny.  It was fantastic, we took in a number of panels and even got interviewed by none other than Skelator Ace Report of #IdiotBoxProductions Podcast aka #IBP AT 1:06 CHECK IT OUT #SkelatorAceReporter

I didn’t know that Menopause was such a big part of her life as of late. ( Oo; really…. not joking need to check it out) then we just sat in the grand ballroom for the next Panel which was the one my waifu (My wife) and I were waiting for the Scott Wilson Panel. He’s had a long filming career and I didn’t even know he was in the late samurai movie. The Q & A were pretty funny as well and afterwards we strolled around checking the Dealers Floor and checking out some of the awesome Cosplayers that were there. Plus #JohnBarrowman was there #GOTEAMBARROWMAN ! Oh and we got to hear him sing, brought a tear to these old eyes. Here is the panel itself enjoy it please!

I ran into #ShelyLundberg and #NathanJodzko #DenverBradbury and other friends while my wife and I were there. Got a chance to get #PhelpBrothers autographs, as well as #JennaColeman. I was Cosplaying the entrepreneuring Aperture/BlackMesa Double agent-Scientist (Since I could) and ran into the #Glitch booth and found an excellent #Aperture Polo I can wear at work. Wife bought some small items from artists alley. I got a ton of pics as well and I will update this later when I have access to my camera soon.

I think the only real issue I have with #SaltLakeComicon is the fact they close the dealers room WAY too early. I’ve been #SDCC as some of you know in my younger days, and I will say the dealers room there stays open till 9 pm for two of the 3 days it was open and then till 3 to 4 pm on the last day for tear down and clean up. But they kept the rooms open because they knew there would be those that came in late due to work or whatever, but it gave them a chance to get the items they wanted to get for their collection/cosplay/library/props. On a side note I am hoping that #SaltLakeComicon gets #PeterCapaldi to come to #FanX1016 that way I can get his autograph with #jennacolemans ‘s on the photo we picked up at The Con a couple of days ago.

Oh yea, #ChrisEvans and some of the marvel avengers were there too. 😛

OH Ok, fine yea he was there with #HayleyAtwell #SebastianStan and #AnthonyMackie they did a panel or two togther as a group and individually as well. The Celebrity Row was PACKED to the brim Saturday for autographs and pictures with the Marvel team and I think we might even see #SLCC become one of Marvel’s Fave Conventions to come to as well in the near future, after all #Stanlee did say we had the Greatest Convention so far. My hat is tipped to #DanFarr and #BryanBradenburg for a successful Convention and turn out, and I do hope that they’ll consider having the dealers room open just a little bit longer on the next Convention or maybe even at #FanX to experiment and see how the crowds react to it and see if more purchasing and people come as well.


Season 9 of Dr. Who -update-

Ok so, comment below is a #DoctorWho SPOILER in the sense that everyone knew it was going to happen anyway. This will be announced thru different media channels of course such as commercials/printed promos when they start airing, so this is excellent news in my opinion and can’t wait to see them in early summer (That’s my assumption of it though.)

Dr.Who, The SDF-01, The Tardis and Zenteradi, Departures and Celebrations!

96 Hours ago we the fans of a time/space traversing gallifreyan were told that Matt Smith is stepping down from the lead role of Doctor Who at the end of The 2013 4th Quarter. This news was spread by a few news site but also recently confirmed by a posting on the BBC website. Matt is, of course, still to be in the 50th Anniversary special with his friend and fellow cohort, former Doctor David Tennant, it will be an event indeed to see “WHO” The Doctor regenerates into, A woman? A man? A Ginger Man? A Ginger Woman? Who’s to say, we’ll all have to wait. Also we have Brent Lengel on the show with some very exciting news on his play North to Maine coming out, definitely check that out. We’re excited for Brent on this auspicious occasion/event! We will be looking forward to hearing the report on the reveiws of his play North to Maine over the summer quarter.

THE concert celebrating 30 years of was announced at the Macross stage event at Wonder Fest 2013 Winter! Voice Actress, Singer, Dancer, Mari Iijima aka Minmay in the first Macross (sidenote she also voiced her role in the English release of Macross in 2006) will grace us with her lyrical talents, as well as other Voice Actress/Actors singers from the Macross Universe crossover for a Vocal Celebration to soothe our ears. Yoshiki Fukuyama akak Basara from Macross 7, Chie Kajiura Mylene aslo from Macross 7, May’n who was Sheryl from Macross Frontier, Megumi Nakajima, Ranka from Macross Frontier (Nya nya), will be appearing in this Macross Live 30 event. Being held on July 13 at the Makuhari Messe center Halls 1-2 in Chiba Japan. The Macross Crossover Concert event tickets went on sale on May 25. Hopefully we can catch this live on the internet as well for those that don’t have passports and the money to fly to Chiba to such an milestone event!