Interview with Triple Slash Studios and Their new game Magnetic by Nature Awaking. Cybernauts Ep. 33

Well finally able to post up our interview with Triple Slash Studios and their new game on The X-Box Indie Store Magnetic by Nature Awaking. Sorry it took so long but there were a number of issues this month. But with that aside, I have to say it was very interesting overall hearing the different faucets and hats that the triple slash team had. But have to say I’m surprised on it due to keeping things not complicated, busy but not complicated and also it seemed to be an excellent lesson and adjustment and points of view, with just a dash of extra responsibility as well. They premiered the release of their title at the first SaltFest Gaming Expo at The University of Utah’s Union Hall. Where it did receive a well deserved welcome and test driven over the period of the convention. You can download it from here at the XBox Microsoft Store.

Mr. Hurst was also kind enough to allow us to listen to some of the music from this very cool and educational side scrolling Indie Game. (You’ll get a taste of that at the end of the podcast. There were 10 people on this team and for me that’s a lot of peep-power. Definitely wanted to hear from some of the others on the team, but due to constraints time wise were unable to attend but we did get to talk to three of the team’s busy crew Kyle, Dave, and Andrew, very talented people in our opinion. We hope to follow up on this team in the next few months and have a chance to bring on some more of the talented team that is comprised of triple slash studios. Also big thanks go to Paige Ashlynn for informing us of about this and helping give us an opportunity to be able to interview the team he works with and we will have him on the follow up interview soon.

(Episode 32 had some issues on playback Sorry)


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