Salt Lake Comic-Con VS San Diego Comic-Con International

So, this is still going on?  San Diego Comicon actually went to the length to attempt to issue a gag order on Salt Lake Comic-con? Really? Seriously? Why is SDCC so butt hurt over this? Money? Popularity? I don’t get it.  I used to live in San Diego, went to SDCC quite a number of times as an Attendee and as a Volunteer and at that time Tickets were about Forty Dollars for the 4 day Event which is reasonable for late 80’s early 90’s and there were not VIP or Gold passes it was either you were a Dealer or an Attendee. Now I get it, revenue building opportunities I get it. Both sides offer some pretty cool deals for the what you get  but the best times to get the deals is went the events are closed and prepping for next year’s event which is usually 2 months or so after said events end.


I’ve been researching as well on this a little byte ( 😀 ) and I can’t believe this but from what I have seen and such, it seems SDCC is really about being butthurt because a Comic-con other than San Diego is getting more exposure, coverage and positive PR press and due to the lawsuit SDCC files because of it are now being mocked.

“It is appropriate, however, to impose greater restrictions on the free speech rights of trial participants (such as parties and their attorneys) than on the rights of nonparticipants. Levine, 764 F.2d at 595. As the Ninth Circuit noted when considering a district court’s order restricting statements of trial participants, “several other courts have considered similar restraining orders. The overwhelming majority of those courts have upheld the restraining orders.” Id. at 596 (citing numerous cases in which restraining order on trial participants were upheld).”


Well, all I can say is you asked for it. You threw a pissy whiny hissy fit because *again* it was not the center of attention in the “media” circle of the fandoms and related ilk. I will also stand with my statement and belief that if San Diego Comic-con is not going to stand down walk away and lick it’s wounds and try to become a better event again  but currently with this whole gag order stunt.


Accordingly, the district court’s order may be upheld only if the government establishes that:

  1. the activity restrained poses either a clear and present danger or a serious and imminent threat to a protected competing interest
  2. the order is narrowly drawn
  3. less restrictive alternatives are not available



Could also sanction their legal team for a frivolous, meritless case, let alone what if New York Comic-con decided to throw their hat in the ring? Because New York Comic-con started it in 1964 if we’re going to do dates and such.  With that being said it’s my opinion that the other global or otherwise known as “international” Comic-cons or other wise. But you know what? Go to  and check up on it yourselves, form your own opinions, post up if you’d like as well. Would love to read your opinions, good bad or otherwise.





Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Review

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a wonderful JRPG created by Level-5 which features a lot of art and animation from Studio Ghibli, the same company responsible for the wonderful Hayao Miyazaki films that we all know and love.

This game’s lead character, who is from a city that is analogous to Detroit from the 50’s, called Motorville.  Anyone paying attention and knows Detroit’s history can make this connection.

Gameplay: The game is enjoyable to play, however there seems to be a bit too much hand holding for my liking.  At one point they show you some script which you can translate, and it was a pleasure to take the effort with paper and pencil to do the translation, but after you are done, they kinda ruin it for you by telling you what it said anyway.  Then there is the fact that they put stars on a map to where you have to go.  This makes the game a bit too easy.

Combat: Combat it pretty standard…  until you realize it that it becomes a bit like Pokemon where you have to catch the familiars and you find yourself wanting to catch them all.

Translation: Being a JRPG, this game of course originated from Japanese, and it is a joy to listen to the game spoken in Japanese and turn on the English subtitles, until you start to notice that there is a major disconnect between the languages.  What they are saying isn’t matching up with the subtitles.  Then you realize that the subtitles are actually captioning for the English version, and not a translation of the Japanese version.  It is understandable that there is some required dialogue rewrites as some things don’t translate very well, but there are some really head scratching moments.  They change the names between the Japanese and English versions.  It’s not like the name differences are Japanese to English names.  They are English names in both versions.  Mark becomes Phillip. This is by no means is a game breaker, but I find odd and a little disappointing.

Vocals: One final thing that bothers me is that despite that we are in the era of the Blu-ray disks, there are many points in the game where they stop with the vocals and just go with text dialogue. Are they still scrapping for space that they have to sacrifice vocal tracks?

Story & Art: The Story and art are by far the best parts of the game.  The visuals are very nice and pleasant.  You couldn’t expect any less from Studio Ghibli.

Overall I would like to give it a better grade, but I think I would give it a solid B.

The Passing of another Voice silenced by Death

Anime/Videogame Seiyuu and singer Miyu Matsuki passed away at the age of 38 on October 27 and we’re now only being informed of it earlier today. The cause of death was due from what is being reported as an battle she had been fighting with pneumonia since mid July 2015. This has come to quite a shock to her fellow voice actors and actresses as seen from twitter here. as well as fans across the globe. She is known for her work in such animes as Shimoneta as Anna, Nyaruko, and in Video Game Greats like Tales of Zestiria as Laileah and Atelier Iris 3.

This is yet another voice taken from us to the heavens. Rest in peace knowing you brought fun and happiness into people who admired your work Miyu Matsuki. The Funeral services are being restricted to family only. Our hearts and condolences from this Podcast site go to her family and fans.

UNREAL TOURNAMENT DEATHMATCH UE4 Video Footage! (And an update on our UE4 Project)

Hey, and how-do! It looks like we got some really cool news last night. Unreal Tournament is back in livid Unreal 4 Code and Color! These coders, modelers, texture artists and testers have gone through some extreme coding and programming on getting us the gamers UT4 DM! Here is some Video Footage of this awesome team testing out that with is fresh start from a still thriving game. Bruce and I have been quite busy with our own lives and we haven’t had any time for our own project on UE4.

However, we now have a Character concept Artist who is quite creative and talented and is currently working on her degree and wanting to get into the game development field and being a fellow cosplayer involved with The Utah Deadpool Corp we knew she was prefect for our project and with alos being local is a added plus, Ms. Dani Powers has done quite a number of her own characters, she has a particular hobby/obsession with Deadpool and who can blame her! Wade is the awesome Antihero and he is let’s be honest here he’s gone thru some serious traumatic redemption trials he deserves slack and benefit of the doubt. We very excited to see the characters given a fresh reboot look for UE4, so stick around watch not only The Cybernauts Podcast, but Team Jade Phoenix as well with our new Concept artist Dani *DeadPool* Powers!

Stay tuned we will be back in June to kick off our Anime Summer Series review!


Lupin the Third live-action film officially announced

40 years have passed and now finally the fans voices have been heard and answered there is a new live-action Lupin film in progress.

Director Lead is being taken by Ryuhei Kitamura, known for his work in directing the over-the-top zombie splatterfest versus and the over-the-top Godzilla Movie: Final Wars.

Lupin trivia time: what’s the first Lupin the Third feature film?


Ok I’ll give ya the answer: It is a 1974 Live Action Movie Strange Psychokinetic Energy Starring Yuki Meguro as Lupin.

Set  as the characters is a full set of some of the most awesome talents in the Japanese film industry : Tetsuji Tamayama will play Jigen,  we have Ayano Go will be in the role of Goemon Swordsman , and the beautiful and sexy Meisa Kuroki will be assuming  the role of Fujiko Mine.  THEN Lupin himself will be played by 33-year-old Cult Favorite Shun Oguri, Tadanobu Asano as Lupin’s arch-nemesis and comrade in arms in certain situations police Inspector Zenigata.

Live-action manga/anime adaptations at times have us groaning or trolling, but this is an top of the line cast and crew, and personally I want to see Asano’s take on Inspector Zenigata, and I can place danger money on therapy for myself if he doesn’t do an over the top performance on this role.

I am ashamed of my species.

Ok, so I was on Facebook yesterday and I saw a post from one of my fellow Otaku and part of the staff at Anime Banzai and was like what!? It dealt with one the European gaming Expos. One the Journalists that was there covering the event who writes for as well as other various online gaming publications, which wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that some British comedian dehumanized, humiliated and socially scarred this person all because she was transgendered. Well even though the people/event staff apologized to her, they refused to present the comedian that caused the whole stinking mess in the first place. Microsoft Public Relations European offices really screwed the pooch raw on this. The whole event was a shambles and Microsoft should MAKE the person they hired for this event not only publicly apologize to her but hand writes a written apology as well. We’re supposed to be a kind humble species, but when I see this type of shit, and yes shit, crapfest, shitstorm happening?

I’m ashamed to even be connected to the human race as a species. It should not matter, whether you’re Chinese, Korean, British, Scandinavian, Russian, American, black, white, yellow, blue, green or freaking purple, Gay, transgendered or transsexual or A-sexual! You should treat everyone -e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e with respect, even if you don’t agree with them, show the courtesy of respect. I heard the Kotaku was going to run an article on it and that the journalist requested that they not run the article well that didn’t happen.

From what I do see they have ran it and also went back and edited out her twitter account as to not encourage more wastes of humanity to post hate tweets on her twitter Thanks Kotaku.

*Ultimate facepalm*

Damn the human race is in a sorry state.
No wonder The Doctor turns his back on us from time to time.

EDIT: I have read that there may have a miscommunication btw the two people involved on this. Here is the URL with the explination still doesn’t condone how the person handled the matter when inviting Ms. Dale to the stage. I standby by my belief on how people should be treated regardless of race, disability, gender, or species. Facts remain however that during the incident and up to before that “Joint” decision/blog entry on Mr. Willward’s blog that Ms. Dale did get threatening, demeaning and just plain mean tweets from people she has no clue of. Oh and to note, I never gave name of who the MS Microsoft hired either. The whole debaacle seems to have gone to a dull roar, but this doesn’t change how this poster feels when situations like this “do” happen, it’s wrong, it’s not justified, and it’s definitely not the way a decent human would act.

MMO’s are they dead or just more tightly knit These days?

Hey peeps, yea it’s me with another article on gaming. I was looking around earlier this morning checking on some of my old haunts and posting up and some the forums, when I ran across a person I known for some time and had broken ties with for issues too dumb to really go into anymore. But she was explaining how the MMO Community has lacked in the interaction of camaraderie during the quests and while in the tavern, inn, space bar, Hot Disco underground rave club.  This is what she said with my thoughts in between them.

What I mean Joe, is that every time I log into Star Trek Online, or Star Wars the old republic, or Elf Quest, I can find people everywhere, but no one is talking. No one is interacting with the hundreds or thousands of other people also playing the game around them. If you manage to get a group no one talks, no one interacts; they just do the mission and then quit the party and run away again.

“Which I don’t think is really the case here. There will be times where there are those types of players that are in it for the tanking got the experience points and bails and that’s all they do, or care to do.  There are those out there that are just in it for the game, not the interaction so much. I for one am the type that does like the interaction and the helping of others with their crops, cattle, questing, and helping the surrounding lands/planets/Dimensional planes of my comrades. We do meet in the guild hall and discuss things of both the real world and that which of the MMO we may be in at the time.  But it’s because we’re part of that guild/order that brings that sense of belonging to the game and that interaction “she” is talking there is a lack of. “

I remember hanging in the Kobold dens outside of Quynos for hours in EQ, just sitting around in a room joking with others, telling fake in world and real world stories while waiting for a member of the group to bring the train back. I remember the screams of text joy when someone managed to get the sword from the big scary kobold and then going back to hanging with the group.

“I remember hanging out at Ten Forward in STO, and talking with my crew and some of the other ships crew members. Oh wait “I” still do! This is because I don’t stay away for long periods of time or I at least reach out every week or so seeing what’s going in game  in between taking care of my kids for the most part they help around the house now days and only need me when they need a ride somewhere or help with their homework or Gee, having to change rooms so they can have privacy of their own  but they need the old man to haul their furniture upstairs, downstairs, move the old family TV into the oldest room so they can have their console hooked up to it, or the other one of the twin’s needs the bed this way so it’s not so cold in the winter and being away from the window is a good thing.

I remember the bar that was also the thief’s guild of “bards” telling stories to full PC crowds for a good hour and people talking and cheering and everything imaginable.

“I remember being on the plains light saber in hand and running into battle against Sith legions and bringing justice back to the planet and the sector. I also remember hanging in the Cantina discussing where we should go to next to train and expand some of our skills. “

The genre to me is dead not in that no one is playing but that they are no long Massive Multiplayer just massive amounts of players all playing next to each other but not with each other.

“I don’t know what servers she’s hanging out in, but the ones I have been in there is always someone to say “YO, what’s up?” and hang out with or adventure quest with. The Genre to me isn’t dead, quite the opposite. I feel more in contact sometimes in cyberspace than I do in reality which sometimes can be a bad thing, but that’s an entirely different level/subject. I can say that the MMO Genre is not dead by any means, it’s more closed maybe like a private community or HOA Settlement compound.”


That’s it for this subject for now. I’m off to Wartune and talk with the guild on some improvements and maybe even start a party or two for Daru and Gold but more for experince! 😀 BATTLE ON FOR GREAT JUSTICE! 

A Legend among The Video WarGods has passed beyond the pale curtain.


Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi, a man who transformed his great-grandfather’s playing-card company, Nintendo, and marched it into one of the global video game powerhouses has died on Today in Kyoto, Japan. He was 85. This was due to complications caused by a case of pneumonia.

Mr. Yamauchi, who took Nintendo and from 1949 to 2002, was Japan’s most reluctant high-tech success story, Assuming the position of president of the family business at an age of 22, he warp sped Nintendo through board games to light-emitting toy guns ventures that lacked that special something that he later attributed to a “lack of imagination” but then the age of arcade games came about.

The Nintendo Entertainment System aka The NES was a console that was first released in Japan in 1983 entitled the “Famicom,” which made the leaders in the video game industry on their heads standing on their hair, sold over 60 million units all to shrewd advertising and marketing as well product quality and a game lineup on a set of characters that soon became video game legends.

The Original Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong became overnight successes which also gave rise to Nintendo’s wildly successful home console business.
The Man who brought you the plumber that rescues the princess, the dog that helps you in duck hunting the robot that helped out with your eye and hand coordination, Mr. Yamauchi, who professed not to understand video games, went on and dominated the business. When the super famicom was released seven years later, people took up camp outside of The Warehouse, Tower Records, Sears, Woolworth and other stores that had an electronics department for days waiting; and when it hit?

The NES/Famicom sold just about 50 million units. Stage 2 was the Nintendo 64 then Nintendo Game Cube, as well then the handhelds Game Boy and Game Boy Advance, the DS and 3DS. Mr. Yamauchi is someone we looked up to being that Generation X and Generation Y who grew up with the Wii and DS next gen consoles now to our own grandkids for some of us who will be Generation Z. The Man that got us hooked on Mario and His brother Lugi, a lovable Ape and his ability to bowl barrels down ramps, a small elf like guy named Link looking for his Maiden Fair Zelda, yes we will remember these names and characters but let’s not forget that person who managed to start that barrel of success rolling and still hasn’t stopped yet. Our wishes and Condolences to his wife Michiko Inaba and their three children.  A funeral is scheduled for Sunday at Nintendo, following a wake on Saturday.

Hiroshi Yamauchi
Nov 7, 1927 to Sep 19, 2013

Dragon Age News & Initial Impressions.

Hello folks, Max aka Galtrol, here to give a little gaming news.  I just started to play Dragon Age: Origins.  Yes, I’m the kind of player that digs in the bargain bin to play stuff on a budget.  It is fortuitous as just in the last few days, some various Dragon Age related news has just popped up.

  • Christ Priestly leaves Bioware and is moving on to PAX Australia
  • Stone Prisoner DLC is now free

Now at this stage, I am still pretty early in the game.  I am finding the mechanics of the game a little awkward, and taking a little getting used to.  It took me a while to figure out that spamming the attack button was unnecessary, my main clue was my character was constantly saying, “Alright, alright…”  One thing that bugs me is that they bothered you to set up a “voice” type for your character, but you never hear it in the dialogue.  What was the point?  Maybe they decided that they didn’t want to do six times the voice acting work.  Maybe the reason will become more evident later in the game.

I usually try and avoid FAQs on the first playthrough of a game, although I am finding there is quite a bit of temptation, as the RPG details are a plenty.  Skill trees, reminiscent to Diablo often leads to questions, such as, will I be able to max out everything?

Then there was the world traveling mechanic.  I was expecting to walk from town to town instead of the Map technique.  I guess not, at least not at this point.  I guess they wanted to deal with a bunch of small sand boxes instead of a huge one, of which I can understand.  It can help reduce any random off the wall glitches that may happen in an obscure part of the map.

Of course there is the usual RPG elements that I hated to deal with on pen an paper, and so glad the system takes care of, such as encumbrance,  money management.

I think I’m doing well for someone who has forgone studying the manual, (except the pics that tell you what gauge is for) and using my RPG experience to figure out all the little elements that may or may not be obvious.

Cosplayer Pillows: The Creepiness involved.

Ok seriously, this cosplay body pillow incident really grabs my goat. Now I get the whole “You buy a pass to the con, your image could be used for advertising/promotional images”. I’m all for that, I get it and approve. However, when someone takes your photo for supposed free photo-shoots? An alarm in my head goes off. Why would this person be doing it for free? Then to come find out they are placing thee images on Body Pillows with both a front and rear motif and making profit on it w/o the consent of the cosplay/DA Member/Cosplay Prof. and that doesn’t Jive in my book.


The image above was taken from his gallery and set as a prime example of what he’s doing with the images and Body Pillows.

This is not only creepy, it’s illegal (unless you are under contact or signed a photo release agreement of some sort and read the fine pint.) This person is more or less going to appear in court and get raked over the coals you can see it coming. I hope all of the people involved are filing a class action suite against this twatwaffle. You don’t do that to somebody without their *signed* consent and even then where the hell is your moral fiber you dingleberry!