Dr.Who, The SDF-01, The Tardis and Zenteradi, Departures and Celebrations!

96 Hours ago we the fans of a time/space traversing gallifreyan were told that Matt Smith is stepping down from the lead role of Doctor Who at the end of The 2013 4th Quarter. This news was spread by a few news site but also recently confirmed by a posting on the BBC website. Matt is, of course, still to be in the 50th Anniversary special with his friend and fellow cohort, former Doctor David Tennant, it will be an event indeed to see “WHO” The Doctor regenerates into, A woman? A man? A Ginger Man? A Ginger Woman? Who’s to say, we’ll all have to wait. Also we have Brent Lengel on the show with some very exciting news on his play North to Maine coming out, definitely check that out. We’re excited for Brent on this auspicious occasion/event! We will be looking forward to hearing the report on the reveiws of his play North to Maine over the summer quarter.

THE concert celebrating 30 years of was announced at the Macross stage event at Wonder Fest 2013 Winter! Voice Actress, Singer, Dancer, Mari Iijima aka Minmay in the first Macross (sidenote she also voiced her role in the English release of Macross in 2006) will grace us with her lyrical talents, as well as other Voice Actress/Actors singers from the Macross Universe crossover for a Vocal Celebration to soothe our ears. Yoshiki Fukuyama akak Basara from Macross 7, Chie Kajiura Mylene aslo from Macross 7, May’n who was Sheryl from Macross Frontier, Megumi Nakajima, Ranka from Macross Frontier (Nya nya), will be appearing in this Macross Live 30 event. Being held on July 13 at the Makuhari Messe center Halls 1-2 in Chiba Japan. The Macross Crossover Concert event tickets went on sale on May 25. Hopefully we can catch this live on the internet as well for those that don’t have passports and the money to fly to Chiba to such an milestone event!


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