A request to our Listeners and their friends.

Ok, so we have a forum that has not seen much action in a byte (Pun implied). So I’m going to suggest that those who follow our podcast and enjoy the antics and also topics. Please join our forums at the Jade Phoenix Game Development site to further discuss some the topics we have and/or suggest some topics you’d like us to discuss/review. Whether its anime, manga, gaming, Arts/Entertainment media, post up we always go over suggestion and request. Who knows we may even ask one of you to come to voice your opinion on the subject of discussion for the podcast.


I also have a request from fellow forum admin, and mutual gamer, PSX-Dude. Psx-dude.net is a cool place, and His forums are indeed a need for peeps for population; the cobwebs are hard to clean out of the corners too. (Just Kidding Chris!) But seriously peeps, I’d love it if I saw some of our listeners over there posting up art, poetry, talk games, maybe even establish a rapport with PSX himself, who knows, you might even be able ot get him to sit down and game with some of you. He’s even on steam believe it or not. So, please support both our forums, thanks everyone for taking the time to read this too, it is appreciated believe it.


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