Lupin the Third live-action film officially announced

40 years have passed and now finally the fans voices have been heard and answered there is a new live-action Lupin film in progress.

Director Lead is being taken by Ryuhei Kitamura, known for his work in directing the over-the-top zombie splatterfest versus and the over-the-top Godzilla Movie: Final Wars.

Lupin trivia time: what’s the first Lupin the Third feature film?


Ok I’ll give ya the answer: It is a 1974 Live Action Movie Strange Psychokinetic Energy Starring Yuki Meguro as Lupin.

Set  as the characters is a full set of some of the most awesome talents in the Japanese film industry : Tetsuji Tamayama will play Jigen,  we have Ayano Go will be in the role of Goemon Swordsman , and the beautiful and sexy Meisa Kuroki will be assuming  the role of Fujiko Mine.  THEN Lupin himself will be played by 33-year-old Cult Favorite Shun Oguri, Tadanobu Asano as Lupin’s arch-nemesis and comrade in arms in certain situations police Inspector Zenigata.

Live-action manga/anime adaptations at times have us groaning or trolling, but this is an top of the line cast and crew, and personally I want to see Asano’s take on Inspector Zenigata, and I can place danger money on therapy for myself if he doesn’t do an over the top performance on this role.


Space Brothers – Review


Wow, here I started to write a review of this Anime I have found on Crunchy Roll, I stumble onto the fact that this show, which naturally has it’s origin in a Manga, was also made into a live action film which came out May 5th, 2012.


Trailer here.

Anyway, I am here to talk about the anime.  This series is set to have approximately 77 episodes and it follows a couple of brothers.  One, the younger Hibito, has successfully followed his dream of being an astronaut.  The other, Mutta also had dreamed to become an astronaut, has fallen behind on that dream, but as fate would have it, and the help of his younger brother, we explore the events of Mutta joining JAXA and catching up with Hibito.

I particularly took interest in this show as besides being an anime fan, I also work on the Space Track at Dragon Con.  Any show that helps encourage people to dream about space is very welcome.

The show is very pleasant and enjoyable as well as realistic.  Even NASA has cooperated with the show, but I noted in the credits it has a disclaimer, “The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) cooperation and assistance does not reflect an endorsement of the contents of the film or the treatment of the characters therein.

As for the animation, it is pretty standard, and nothing really out of the ordinary.

I highly recommend it for anyone who loves space!  🙂