“Your Name”a review

This month Anime Fans have much to celebrate. Not only did Hayao Miyazaki say he was coming out of retirement.  He said that he couldn’t resist on making another movie feature, honestly I can’t wait to see“Boro the Caterpillar”. But last week “Your Name” by Director  Makoto Shinkai brings a distinctive blend of both conventional hand-drawn animation  with the touch of  digital flair, “Your Name” is a movie you want to buy tickets for months in advance so you have 1st dibs on seeing it before the rest of your friends.

The story revolves around both Mitsuha a Country side School girl and that of Taki, a Tokyo resident around the same age and grade. They both yearn for the life each other has. Mitsusha, and her yearning to see city life and seeing how it is going to school there and how city life is in comparison to her regular life when she’s not somehow in Taki’s body.

Same goes for Taki as well! While he’s in Mitsucha’s Body he kind of does what every boy his age does when encountering girls his age let alone being one of them, well we won’t go there (It’s not as bad as you’re thinking.) But part of the fun is since he has mad sports skills, he shows off a bit and ends up winning Mitsuha’s schools basketball championship and well other events you’ll have to see.

Mitsucha helps Taki out as well but helping out with his high school crush by listening and impressing his crush and giving her a new respect and view on him.  The only sad and yet amusing part is they tend to forget what happened during the switches but there is also more than meets the visuals and mental thoughts involved on this piece of art. I will highly recommend this out there and would love to hear you share your thoughts when you see it. This will be one for any true fan of anime and manga. This is a movie that flips and shows both sides of the coin in more ways than contemporary.



Leiji Matsumoto Created back 1977-79 an original manga, the main character Captain Harlock who rebels against the global government and fights for humanity with his crew of 40 and his space battleship The Arcadia. This manga become so popular and spread like wild fire that a 1978-1979 television anime series born, along with a movie and its sequel, Arcadia of My Youth: Endless Orbit SSX. I grew up on Captain Harlock in my early teen years on television after school. I wouldn’t watch G.I Joe or Captain Planet or mask. I was hooked on Battle of the Planets, Star Blazers, and Robotech, reading Ninja High School and Eastman’s TMNT, and the ilk.

When I heard that Japanese Cinema writer Harutoshi Fukui was involved in this I was like *WHOA!* this should be truly awesome! I mean Harutoshi has been noted for his works with Mobile Suit Gundam UC novels, and live-action Bōkoku no Aegis has refitted the story to that of the current modern society. Also along with him is Shinji Aramaki noted for some of his works Appleseed being just one example, is directing with the latest cinema-graphic technology the same scale and direction as a Hollywood production. The film has Toei Animation backing them up with a budget estimated at roughly over 30 million U.S. dollars? If this preview as a taste of what to expect, I think I know where I will be when it does hit state-side theatrical release. I’m betting they might even preview this at SDCC 2013 as well!

Captain Harlock the Movie is slated for a Theatrical release in the 3rd Quarter of 2013.