Anime Banzai 2015 Review

Hello from me!

Ok so it’s now been a week and I can finally get down to writing this review on Anime Banzai. Of the guests I did see they were alumni to AB. David Vincent who is always a pleasure to see and talk with over general subjects and sometime current projects he is working on w/o revealing to much due to contractral agreements and  such. My Waifu and I did not get a chance to sit and indulge any spirits with guests as or friends, in fact My Waifu spent most of her time and bless heart on it on a cosplay for our eldest daughter who was cosplaying Robin from Fire Emblem a Game from the NES 3DS system and has some hold over the video gaming RPG community. She spent total time possibly 34 hours of her time including Hotel room time during the Convention on helping finishing it on the Second day of the convention late that morning and even then it seems she was pretty much exhausted and wasn’t able to enjoy the convention as much as she should have from past conventions.

During the Convention My Waifu and I did had some time to ourselves to a degree, like shopping at the Second hand Sale AB holds each convention, this time however it was held on the first day of the convention and not on the second as it is usually set on, and it was also in the afternoon rather than the evening. My hope is that they keep it like that to be honest. I like having the option to be able to look at the sellers tables and see what they have to part with and find that special item or manga that is being sought. I scored a BGC OVA dual Disk set and Accel World Season one set and a Five inch tall Assault Type Gundam with stand and weapons included.

Thanks to AsianBoy950 for the YT link

During the convention I was able to get a few suggestions for anime viewing. Saw Log Horizon and have started watching that seems good for a Player Trapped in a Video Game world anime series.  I also got exposed to Sketchbook Full color which I have not yet watched but have it ready to view when I am done with Log Horizon. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that Accel World one of my favorite series is in fact also getting a Second Season it seems and they are calling Accel World Infinite Burst! This is also awesome due to the fact we’ve almost waited what, four maybe five years for the Second installment on a great series. What I am also hoping for is that a Sword art online and Accel World OVA Special will happen as well during the Second season run of Accel World, but back to the review.

Steve “Warky” Nunez who is also an AB alumni had an excellent panel/show as well this year in the main events hall. Everyone seemed to have an excellent time he showed off a bit of some of his previous work as well as some new musical interludes. The Family and I do enjoy his antics and musical skills. He’s been involved in a few shows television wise as well, and seems to have some projects that will be or are already in the works production wise. I look forward to them as well and will update you readers on that when news comes available on it.

Carter Reid of Zombie Nation and his Waifu were also on hand at the artist alley lending his artistic talents for and on commissions of Attendees and requests plus his Waifu has broken out into the jewelry side of business and has a Jewelry line she has created in addition to Carter’s Artwork and Web Comic. My Waifu herself purchased a lovely bracelet / earring set from her last convention as well. It’s always a pleasure running into them and chatting. We also found on a side note two soot sprites for our love for Ghibli and Totoro which I tagged on my FB as my Waifu and I.  😀

Whereas the events were fun and all and we did love the Zelda Based Scavenger Hunt Linda’s daughter and she had come up with and the hard work and effort of the volunteers assisted with on the hand crafted Link items for the event. There was also two musical events for everyone as well at AB The Final Fantasy themed Formal for Day one’s Evening festivities and The Techno Electro Dance Day Two’s evening of festivities that were well received, however there were some incidents during The Techno Electro Dance which Xander whose event it was will be looking into and discussing at the first meeting for Anime Banzai 2016, which I hope goes well as the incidents do need to be looked into and investigated and handled all of which will not be discussed here at all. It is and will be something handled internally with The Anime Banzai Staff and Founders.

I am looking forward to next year’s Event and will be following up on what and who may be showing up at Anime Banzai 2016, so stay tuned and stay informed. That’s it for me for this year’s Anime Banzai review, and as always comments is always welcome, but again keep it civil as well.

Steve L.


ASL – Anime Salt Lake here we come !


Well, it’s less than 24 hrs. away and I’m already prepping and getting ready to invade ANIME SALT LAKE! It’s snowed this morning so we’re all hoping this is just a pass over it will be gone by this afternoon and we won’t have to worry about it tomorrow, especially for some of the cosplayers that will be attending this ASL. I will of course be Tomodachi from 20th Century Boys, The Manga, and Live Movie adaptation by Naoki Urasawa. I love that guy as much as a bad guy he was portrayed as I think personally he was just misunderstood and that is why he walked the path and took a wrong turn and only at the end his journey did he and the others realized that he had found the path back, but a little late at that point.

Some of the fun that was had Last Year at ASL 2012.







But we’ll be on the lookout for Chris Rager Voice Actor Extraordinare, Mr. Satan, Hercules, King Yama from The DragonBall Z Franchise from FUNimation. As well my new Video Character Mr. Torque of Borderlands 2 – By Gearbox and as Arlong Lord of The Auquadic Kingdom in the mainstream anime of One Piece . Also a rare opportunity to meet up with fellow podcast team Hello Sweetie, which will be at ASL Saturday evening March 23rd with Ms. Danielle Britton Crafterian of Jewelry Lovecraft Style and an Artist of some talent as well. 😉 SO, be ready and if by chance you see us on the floor at ASL? Don’t hesitate to say hi to us.

Here is Chris Ekstrom on and His Live Action Anime Panel 101

Madarame’s Guide to Con Survival at Anime Banzai

And a 1 and a 2 and 3 and Dance!
And a 1 and a 2 and 3 and Dance!

That’s right being in utah and on a severe budget, one of the “BEST CONVENTIONS” in Utah is “Anime Banzai“. I have narrowed down several items of my own I cannot forget to bring with me to Banzai. Here is my list of MUST HAVES FOR CON SURVIVAL! and I suggest you do the same.

1. Laptop – For blogging and Podcasting
2. Laptop Charger – Never can tell when you will need to recharge
3. Soap – Bathe, take a bar of soap and scrub your armpits. We’ll still be here when you get back.
4. Mobile Phone – Alternate form of electronic communications.
5. Emergency Blanket – It can get cold in the Anime Viewing rooms from time to time.
6. Snacks – Especially is you are Gluten intolerant or Lactose intolerant.
7. PRE-Register – It saves you money and if you don’t live in layton and wish to stay there will be discounts as well if you do pre-register and ask about the discounts.
8. Planning – I cannot stress more on planning out your battle plan when attending Panels, and the dealers room and especially the informal dance on Saturday night.

I find that buying non perishable foods like Oriental Trail mix is great, Pocky and Ramenade for the sweet tooth and local the nearest store (Target) for fruit and veggies. Also if you can spare the time, volunteer or at least offer your services if you arrive a day early or you get to the Main hall early before the doors open. The staff does value their loyal attendees. That’s it from the battlefront for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to cover a fairly new convention to the Salt Lake Community College Redwood Road Campus here in the next few weeks.