I am ashamed of my species.

Ok, so I was on Facebook yesterday and I saw a post from one of my fellow Otaku and part of the staff at Anime Banzai and was like what!? It dealt with one the European gaming Expos. One the Journalists that was there covering the event who writes for http://indiehaven.com as well as other various online gaming publications, which wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that some British comedian dehumanized, humiliated and socially scarred this person all because she was transgendered. Well even though the people/event staff apologized to her, they refused to present the comedian that caused the whole stinking mess in the first place. Microsoft Public Relations European offices really screwed the pooch raw on this. The whole event was a shambles and Microsoft should MAKE the person they hired for this event not only publicly apologize to her but hand writes a written apology as well. We’re supposed to be a kind humble species, but when I see this type of shit, and yes shit, crapfest, shitstorm happening?

I’m ashamed to even be connected to the human race as a species. It should not matter, whether you’re Chinese, Korean, British, Scandinavian, Russian, American, black, white, yellow, blue, green or freaking purple, Gay, transgendered or transsexual or A-sexual! You should treat everyone -e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e with respect, even if you don’t agree with them, show the courtesy of respect. I heard the Kotaku was going to run an article on it and that the journalist requested that they not run the article well that didn’t happen.

From what I do see they have ran it and also went back and edited out her twitter account as to not encourage more wastes of humanity to post hate tweets on her twitter Thanks Kotaku. http://kotaku.com/xbox-one-presenter-humiliated-me-on-stage-says-transge-1421596988

*Ultimate facepalm*

Damn the human race is in a sorry state.
No wonder The Doctor turns his back on us from time to time.

EDIT: I have read that there may have a miscommunication btw the two people involved on this. Here is the URL with the explination http://www.frasermillward.com/apps/blog still doesn’t condone how the person handled the matter when inviting Ms. Dale to the stage. I standby by my belief on how people should be treated regardless of race, disability, gender, or species. Facts remain however that during the incident and up to before that “Joint” decision/blog entry on Mr. Willward’s blog that Ms. Dale did get threatening, demeaning and just plain mean tweets from people she has no clue of. Oh and to note, I never gave name of who the MS Microsoft hired either. The whole debaacle seems to have gone to a dull roar, but this doesn’t change how this poster feels when situations like this “do” happen, it’s wrong, it’s not justified, and it’s definitely not the way a decent human would act.


Episode #31 Boston Bombing and West Texas discussion

We discussed a bit at length the issues and acts of terrorism during the past month. We also had Brent Lengel and Mac Rogers on the show to discuss this. We also discussed theater and what Mac is working and has going thru in New Yourk being a Playwright. Lots of good writing from Mr. Rogers, and our own Mr. Lengel has recieved soem great news as well. Tune in zone out and enjoy the conversation.

Toren Smith Passes away Age 52


I recently found out through Facebook. Here is someone who was one the first individuals that started translating Japanese Manga to English has far back as the mid-eighties. He started at Baycon in California, Founded “Studios Proteus” worked with one of Dark Horse’s heroes “Adam Warren” creator of “Empowered” and “The Dirty Pair“. Toren Smith helped us fans out by bringing “Outlanders“, “Lone Wolf and Cub” “The Freaking Dirty Pair” to the U.S. and opened doors for us that were not so much locked doors for us who didn’t understanding or read Kanji, has passed away. The cause wasn’t included in the news just that he has passed and risen above this realm to the next.

This is the guy that did the translation for one the cooler anime movies I’ve seen “Dagger of Kumui” Oh need I say also the work he assisted with “Ghost in the Shell”? Why are the cooler people in the world being taken away! I feel slightly empty inside now, because this was the guy that opened my eyes to Shirow Masamune and all the cool manga he had produced. Dominion Tank police was one of them, I was obsessed with it at one point in my early years. I had collected the manga, the anime, a few Japanese import tapes singles. He would have been 53 on the 12th of April.

A Episode of rantastic comedy

On this podcast, we’re discussing slice of life Manga, subtitling, sailor moon, and other anime based topics. CG, Max, and I also discussed some of the issues in Japan concerning the low birth rate, the decrease in population, low testosterone issues. Then again there have been issues with earthquakes, nuclear reactions going down, and tsunamis ruining the coastal strip in the upper northern portion of japan.


We touched base on some of the latest on some of the recent MMO betas and what to expect. We also discussed politics, television, current education systems, and current incidents with gun control and how people start to blame FPS and the gaming industry as a whole. Guns do not kill people; People who have the guns in their hands kill people. Also you can check out Max’s review on Black Jack and Dawn of Dracula anyways, tune in form your own opinions on the subjects we discussed this episode.

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The CyberNauts Cast Special 13: Hurricane Sandy w/ The Peter Network

Welcome back everyone. This time, we talk to one Peter Fay of NYC, as he describes his struggle for survival in a world blow away by a hurricane… Sandy. We also give some pointers to Peter on what he can do to survive, as well as us talking about Disney and Star Wars teaming up, amusement parks and much more.

I also want to add a link to the Red Cross for anyone who cares to donate to the cause, as people are still without power, and well, are utterly homeless. Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors affected by this storm, and all we can do is hope for a better future for all of them.

Edited by Madarame: If you can, also remember to donate what foods you can as well in this time of need. No one should have to go hungry as well. Let’s keep the spirit of volunteering and hospitality going by giving what we can to the food banks in New York and it’s surrounding impacted areas.

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Meet the man who documented his ongoing struggle for survival in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
(This and more on his YT page).

The CyberNauts Cast Episode 12 – Kawajiri Month #3 – Ninja Scroll

He’s an easy lover…

Welcome to another grand episode of The CyberNauts Cast, where we are getting into the other half of Kawajiri month with his most well known greatest-anime-movie-ever, Ninja Scroll. This has Rock demon dudes, women who don’t get man sausage in them, blind swordsman, bee guys, anime Victor Kruger and snake vaginas. Per the usual, we get off topic before we ever get on topic, which got us back off topic briefly to be on topic again with topics that include Steve’s old-grouchy-rants of the leaked TMNT script/G4TV/the weather, Mad Max talk, End of Eva talk, Kawajiri’s other stuff, Bobby Hill getting beer, Hokuto No Ken jokes, some Japanese history, summon of CG, the passing of Neil Armstrong and much much more.

Join the gang of One Pixel Jump as we battle clans of ninjas together.

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[audio http://ia601206.us.archive.org/13/items/TheCybernautsCastEpisode12-KawajiriMonth3-NinjaScrollReview/TheCybernautsCastEpisode12-KawajiriMonth3-NinjaScroll.mp3]

This show has:

The Live Action Genma!!

Good ol’ Steve and his old man ramblings…

Just be sure he’s had his morning coffee or you catching him in this type of a mood……..

The CyberNauts Cast Episode 6 – Summer of Gundam Week 5 – Gundam F91

Summer never stops over at The CyberNauts Cast. This week to continue our summer of Gundam series, we get to talk about another “Complination-Movie-To-A-Series-That-Never-Happened” called Gundam F91. This has space pirates, the feddies not really caring all that much, finding your girlfriend in space, trying to assassinate dictators in the head with a bullet that cant penitrate iron, and black people dying.

Of course, this movie gets really boring for us, and we go on tangants about Batman movies, the Fritz Lang “Metropolis” movie, talk about other anime and Andy rants on Crossbone Gundam. Josh joins in and gives his piece on F91 and we talk about wildfires in the MidWest and mention our soon-to-be review of the Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie/Batman fan films. All this and more in this weeks episode.

Andy of course joines in from the Anime Graruru podcast. And our “Zinger” music is from the Metropolis 80’s Soundtrack.

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The CyberNauts Cast Episode 4 – Summer of Gundam Week 3 – Double Zeta Gundam Review

Its a Gun-Gundam SUMMER!!!!

Since we realized that our Gundam month will take up most of the summer, we dubbed it “Summer of Gundam” or “Summer of Anaheim” if you prefer. To make it a true summer of Gundam, we decide to take the kids from Double Zeta Gundam to the beach where they make a mess of things, annoy one another, and drop colonies on sandcastles when were done for the day. In case you didn’t know, were going to talk about Double Zeta Gundam in this weeks episode. This show has turning you ship into a chicken farm, starting a food fight with the Argama crew, meeting space cult people, and liking crazy women with 80’s hair. After that we hit up our mailbag and mention the comments/emails we get from our last and current podcast.  We also have a bonus at the end where we talk about the recent falling out/mental downfall of Noah Antwiler “aka The Spoony Experiment.” (twitter gossip HERE)

We also mention things like how Pedobear was interviewed at the Sandusky case, we read out Timbox “Princess of Shangara” (LONGASCRAP) movie outline, mention new shows, and how I was watching the College World Series (CONGRATS ARIZONA WHOO!). All this and more in this weeks episode.

Andy from Anime Graruru joins us again, and probably will for the rest of “Summer of Gundam”.

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 [audio http://ia601202.us.archive.org/16/items/TheCybernautsCastEpisode4-SummerOfGundamWeek3-DoubleZetaGundam/TheCybernautsCastEpisode4-GundamSummerWeek3-DoubleZetaGundam.mp3]

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THIS JUST IN!!!: Dude, Gundam Battle Operation is OUT ON THE PSN NETWORK (Japan only). But, if you can get your own JP PSN account started, then you can try the game out. It is FREE, sorta. Just go to Kotaku for more info!!

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Fat Chara? I Dun Get IT?