Manga Artist/Creator Shigeru Mizuki Has passed away

I feel lately I am reporting the obituaries for anime and manga artists. (I feel like I might need therapy soon if we keep losing veteran talent like this.) The Artist/Creator of the known eerie manga GeGeGe no Kitaro passed away this morning in Tokyo, according to Nikkan Sports. Shigeru Mizuki was 93 years old.


GeGeGe no Kitaro made it’s debuted in 1960 and moved forward to spawn anime adaptations and Sentai films. His manga, and anime, reignited the country’s love with the yokai folklore and legends. Here are some samples of his work with one I know fans will know and love from the Godzilla dayz.



Before being a full-time mangaka, Mizuki served in World War II. While being treated for malaria in New Guinea, his hospital was bombed by the Allies, and he lost his left arm. Through manga, Mizuki also detailed his war experiences and how he developed such a strong relationship with the New Guinea tribespeople of Tolai villagers on Rabaul, on the island of New Guinea. There is even a film about his time in the military and with the village A Cinema media was made of his time during WWII in Rabaul, entitled “The Noble Death Witnessed” by Producer/Director Kitaro Ga Mita Gyokusai. Not sure if Mizuki’s latest manga is titled Watashi no Hibi /わたしの日々 has been completed or not and if has, will the publishing house race to place it on the shelf with the news of his passing?


Mizuki has kept busy,by producing new art and manga well into his 90s and on the social media outlet of Twitter, showing a culinary perchance for hamburgers, sweets, and coffee, as well as life itself. He will be missed not only by family but by his extended families as well The Tolia, and his many fans over the years.


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Robert Gibson Harlock and Robotech Comic Writer passes away.

He was 55 years old I’m only 7 years younger than him. Gibson had wrote several issues for Eternity’s label Robotech: Return to Macross comic series, and Academy Comics’ Robotech Civil War Stories, Robotech Academy Blues, and Robotech Breaking Point: Cadet Lisa Hayes Special. He worked with Ben Dunn with Tim Eldreg as well on the Harlock series as well.

I have some of these issues and now I missed the window to be able to get him to sign them. He truly had a way with the pen. He wrote and the way he wrote the storyline, he could have wrote the series as a hard novel and people would have still bought it and still be able to visualize the events happening in the story as you read it. Both Ben Dunn and Tim Eldred are both excellent artists and writers as well. and when these 3 did get together they created manga magic like no other (in my opinion.)

Robert Gibson will be missed, but his artwork/writing live on in the manga that has been created.

Rest in Peace

1960 – 2015

Sailor Moon Reboot Final Announcement Airs Second Quarter of 2014

The new Sailor Moon anime series cast was announced today, and Kotono Mitsuishi, the original voice of the lead Sailor Senshi, will be reprising her role as Usagi-chan in this reboot. Huzzah! The remaining Inner Senshi, however are getting some new voices in the roles: Hisako Kanemoto as Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury, Rina Satou as Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, Ami Koshimizu as Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter (aka the best one), and Shizuka Itou as Minako Aino/Sailor Venus. Some fans are somewhat skeptical on the choices but I’ll hold my own opinion till I see it for myself.

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Mitsuishi commented on her love of the old series and her hopes for the new one *Mitsuishi* stated that there are some fans who are worried about the new cast. This is because the fans love the work, and they love the Senshi of old. She herself feels the same way. She said that she will not her feelings back about the earlier series and toss them away; rather she will take them with her into the new series. She asks the loyal fans to cheer the staff on, and “miracle romance” with her.

The Series entitled “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal” will kick off July 5, and streamed internationally on the Niconico video service. The series will air new episodes twice per month, on first and third Saturdays at 6:00 AM US EST. This series reboot will be in the purest sense, going to the manga fresh and vibrant. There are new character designs, and this being a faithful adaptation of the original material. Don’t let me just be the Judge, comment up on this and let us know what you are excepting from the reboot yourselves.

Genshiken Nidaime! Anime Promo Clip is OUT!

Ok, first off, I’m sorry for the lack of news and more so on lack of podcast. I came down with a nasty case of pneumonia and was pretty down for the count I had quite a fight between working, being sick, and helping keep the house up and cleaning and such. But I digress; I would like to say WOOT! On the upcoming 1st episode of Genshiken Nidaime is out on TV in Japan on July 3rd what better way to celebrate the pre 4th of July in the US than with a look at the series the day after! I’ve been following the scanlations and I love the series myself I do, I just wished it was possible for the chapters to come out more quickly. I’m sitting waiting for Ch. 89 to come out I want to see how Angela and Sue interact around Madarame-san. Seriously, we all know Sue is hot for Madarame and so is Angela as well and I want to see catfight and hair pulling over him!

I did get the 1st promo clip for Genshiken Nidaime and here it is in all its glory! This is going to be a great midsummer series to start into the second half of the 2nd Quarter of the TV Season. What/who do you want see hook up or see how the relationships are coming along? How are the new members of Genshiken interacting with the Genshiken of Olde? All I can say is post up your thought and girdle your minds Otakus! It’s going to be a fly by your Yukutas Slice of life TV Series!   I’m really looking forward to the changing of gears with the circle and see how things and how close to the manga the studio will stay with the original storyline and how many deviations or twists they will add to the anime series VS the manga?

Ep. 30 “The Return of LB and Amanda of The Sequel”


I was out of the office, house and my mind that weekend, so Maximillian not only got to edit the podcast but also conducted it as well. Sounds like everyone had a great time LB and Amanda both a pair of awesome editors and field reports/panelists in the anime industry for ANI.ME gave us some insight on what to look forward to for this spring release and some of their own favorites as well as what the in was at Sakura Con this year. Psycho Pass seems to have recieved quite the warm welcome and following this last winter quarter, just listening to the opening and ending theme I sense a reason of why. I myself am looking forward personally to the 2 Season of Accel world and the up and coming Genshiken Nidaime AKA Genshiken 2.0 (in my book anyway).

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Side note Psycho Pass Opening and End By Yugo Kanno Cat Tag. TBR22422D-2

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And a 1 and a 2 and 3 and Dance!

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Toren Smith Passes away Age 52


I recently found out through Facebook. Here is someone who was one the first individuals that started translating Japanese Manga to English has far back as the mid-eighties. He started at Baycon in California, Founded “Studios Proteus” worked with one of Dark Horse’s heroes “Adam Warren” creator of “Empowered” and “The Dirty Pair“. Toren Smith helped us fans out by bringing “Outlanders“, “Lone Wolf and Cub” “The Freaking Dirty Pair” to the U.S. and opened doors for us that were not so much locked doors for us who didn’t understanding or read Kanji, has passed away. The cause wasn’t included in the news just that he has passed and risen above this realm to the next.

This is the guy that did the translation for one the cooler anime movies I’ve seen “Dagger of Kumui” Oh need I say also the work he assisted with “Ghost in the Shell”? Why are the cooler people in the world being taken away! I feel slightly empty inside now, because this was the guy that opened my eyes to Shirow Masamune and all the cool manga he had produced. Dominion Tank police was one of them, I was obsessed with it at one point in my early years. I had collected the manga, the anime, a few Japanese import tapes singles. He would have been 53 on the 12th of April.

The New Tenchi Series and Randomness

SO this podcast Vee-mon, Max, and I discussed the new tenchi series coming out and had during the coversation ended up on random subject tracks that I don’t know why we ended up on but the results were a bit entertaining at best. next week’s Ep. should prove to be entertaining as well, as we get to hear about Max’s trip the convention he and his wife attended.

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A Episode of rantastic comedy

On this podcast, we’re discussing slice of life Manga, subtitling, sailor moon, and other anime based topics. CG, Max, and I also discussed some of the issues in Japan concerning the low birth rate, the decrease in population, low testosterone issues. Then again there have been issues with earthquakes, nuclear reactions going down, and tsunamis ruining the coastal strip in the upper northern portion of japan.


We touched base on some of the latest on some of the recent MMO betas and what to expect. We also discussed politics, television, current education systems, and current incidents with gun control and how people start to blame FPS and the gaming industry as a whole. Guns do not kill people; People who have the guns in their hands kill people. Also you can check out Max’s review on Black Jack and Dawn of Dracula anyways, tune in form your own opinions on the subjects we discussed this episode.

Download Episode 25 HERE!

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Red5 Studios “Firefall” Beta Testing Enrollment


Hello everyone, another Friday is here and a weekend begins. This weekend I and most of the crew will be playing Firefall by Red5 Studios, it’s a massively multiplayer online team-based computer game from Red5 Studios, a studio founded by Mark Kern.

Firefall is a disaster that takes place roughly two centuries in the future so about 2200 AD. An asteroid was predicted to fly by in proximity to Earth and be a near miss. The Asteroid entered the gravity well of the Moon instead and shattered into a meteor shower. Many of these shards began to slam into the Earth while the bulk of what was left of the asteroid entered a low fast decaying orbit around the Earth, splintering off even more shards and debris that continued to break free of the asteroid. The asteroid what was left of it, crashed into Earth, and with this, plummeted mankind into a dark technological age known as the 9 Year Winter. The larger governments splintered during the turmoil, other nations bound together, and formed a unified alliance to stand against the rising sea of troubles and civil unrest.

Scientists in Japan came across a new element called crystite. They discovered a new element but this was just the seed crystite. After further study and scouring the primary crash zone where they able to gather up more of this new element, only a gram or two was actually recovered by the sifting of earth and sand. A number of studies and research on crystite shows that it pivots the known laws of physics on its head, and thus crystite quickly became a massive and new source of power with almost unlimited potential. It did become a primary power source for the world and a new dawn rose on the horizon. But as with everything this world and its natives behavior, Crystite is still a foreign element that came from the asteroid that impacted into Earth, it is a resource potentially w/o limits? As usual humankind would want more as greed usually comes into play on such a type a commodity such as this.

Now, we were able to figure out where the Crystite came from after plotting the asteroid’s flight path. Seems that its origin was that of Alpha Centauri. We then started a space mining program that took 4 years to establish and setup between the 2 star systems. The settlement was dubbed Alpha Prime while 7 more transports were commissioned for exporting and importing of Crystite.

Regardless of Crystite being a new source of energy , the global powers started to think and with good cause, that the reliance on the Crystite, if revolution came into play on Alpha Prime, it could in fact topple Earth to its knees. So in taking this into effect, the scientists of earth created a technology called arcfolding (Think star trek warp drive.) where a manmade wormhole is created and an energy shell protects the vessel while its crew is in cryogenic sleep, so in fact what would be a 4 year round trip span dropped to a 4 day round trip span. This is all thanks to the discovery of Crystite.

So with earth finally settling its internal conflicts and issues and collaborating together for the greater good, 2 Crystite Reactors built into her the Arclight was born. This was to be a sign of strength over Alpha Prime on who really was the alpha being in this situation and let Alpha Prime know that earth is not a planet to trifle with. But on its maiden voyage something horrible happened, so horrible it can only be compared with the time of the great impact occurred.
The Arclight fired up its Reactors for its 1st Arcfold in orbit at a Lagrange point as it was the one of the safest ways from a stability point of view. A mistake in calculations was made and as it opened the Portal Access of the wormhole, it in fact tore a rip in space/time and an Energy storm that was entitled “The Melding” and poured into our solar system and rifted across the blue ball we called home what we called earth, leaving small areas of the planet still habitable for humankind.

“The Melding” terraforms the areas it infects with its radiation and seems that humankind on earth has an issue with most of its populace being mutated into a race dubbed “The Chosen”. Our roles in this is one of the surviving pockets of humans left on the planet most of us belonging to the accord. Our Job currently, retake the planet clear out resistance and dissipates The Melding from planeside.

Current status for all Accord Agent on Fortaleza, guard the surrounding area and keep it secured. It is imperative to keep the STIZ Bubble active. Not registered yet? Oh Hanna on a Hand Grenade! Here register here and start your process Agent! Oh, and if you need a hand, once you’re processed in? Look for MadrameHarunobu that me; I’ll be glad to help out and show you around Fortaleza.