Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – Review

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is a wonderful JRPG created by Level-5 which features a lot of art and animation from Studio Ghibli, the same company responsible for the wonderful Hayao Miyazaki films that we all know and love.

This game’s lead character, who is from a city that is analogous to Detroit from the 50’s, called Motorville.  Anyone paying attention and knows Detroit’s history can make this connection.

Gameplay: The game is enjoyable to play, however there seems to be a bit too much hand holding for my liking.  At one point they show you some script which you can translate, and it was a pleasure to take the effort with paper and pencil to do the translation, but after you are done, they kinda ruin it for you by telling you what it said anyway.  Then there is the fact that they put stars on a map to where you have to go.  This makes the game a bit too easy.

Combat: Combat it pretty standard…  until you realize it that it becomes a bit like Pokemon where you have to catch the familiars and you find yourself wanting to catch them all.

Translation: Being a JRPG, this game of course originated from Japanese, and it is a joy to listen to the game spoken in Japanese and turn on the English subtitles, until you start to notice that there is a major disconnect between the languages.  What they are saying isn’t matching up with the subtitles.  Then you realize that the subtitles are actually captioning for the English version, and not a translation of the Japanese version.  It is understandable that there is some required dialogue rewrites as some things don’t translate very well, but there are some really head scratching moments.  They change the names between the Japanese and English versions.  It’s not like the name differences are Japanese to English names.  They are English names in both versions.  Mark becomes Phillip. This is by no means is a game breaker, but I find odd and a little disappointing.

Vocals: One final thing that bothers me is that despite that we are in the era of the Blu-ray disks, there are many points in the game where they stop with the vocals and just go with text dialogue. Are they still scrapping for space that they have to sacrifice vocal tracks?

Story & Art: The Story and art are by far the best parts of the game.  The visuals are very nice and pleasant.  You couldn’t expect any less from Studio Ghibli.

Overall I would like to give it a better grade, but I think I would give it a solid B.


GhoStock 2014 Pre-con special


Hello folks, Max here.  We did a quick little podcast with our guest Patrick Burns, with my wife, Star, lending some support hosting duties.

Quick info: GhoStock is a paranormal convention.  This iteration is based in Savannah Georgia, back to where it began.  It is scheduled for the weekend of March 7-9th, 2014, at the Hilton Desoto hotel.  For more information, check out the website here at.

I will actually be working at the con, handling a lot of the filming duties, and expect a live stream broadcast of the convention.  If you can make it, please do.  And here is the interview.

here we are discussing about Anime Banzai 9 and talking about the BGC Kickerstarter going to Blue Ray. We’re also Discussing The OVA Series City No.6 and how Utopia really isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Nov 23rd Bitches, you better have it marked because if you miss the 50th Doctor Who Special, well yea……..

The Longest Running Animated TV Show

You ask the average American or European for that matter, what is the longest animated TV show and they would probably say, “The Simpsons,”  and they would be wrong.  Even at one point, Guinness declared Scooby Doo with this honor. which was even more absurd.

I am happy to say that this long time injustice has been rectified.

As of this writing, the Simpsons has over 530 episodes….  In 2004, Scooby Doo hit 350.  Not sure what the current number is yet.  The true champion is none other than Sazae-san, which clocks in at 2,250 episodes.  Yes, that’s right…  a FOUR digit number.  Guinness has finally rectified this travesty.


Space Brothers – Review


Wow, here I started to write a review of this Anime I have found on Crunchy Roll, I stumble onto the fact that this show, which naturally has it’s origin in a Manga, was also made into a live action film which came out May 5th, 2012.


Trailer here.

Anyway, I am here to talk about the anime.  This series is set to have approximately 77 episodes and it follows a couple of brothers.  One, the younger Hibito, has successfully followed his dream of being an astronaut.  The other, Mutta also had dreamed to become an astronaut, has fallen behind on that dream, but as fate would have it, and the help of his younger brother, we explore the events of Mutta joining JAXA and catching up with Hibito.

I particularly took interest in this show as besides being an anime fan, I also work on the Space Track at Dragon Con.  Any show that helps encourage people to dream about space is very welcome.

The show is very pleasant and enjoyable as well as realistic.  Even NASA has cooperated with the show, but I noted in the credits it has a disclaimer, “The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA’s) cooperation and assistance does not reflect an endorsement of the contents of the film or the treatment of the characters therein.

As for the animation, it is pretty standard, and nothing really out of the ordinary.

I highly recommend it for anyone who loves space!  🙂

Seishun-con report! Summer Anime Madness in Atlanta

Seishun Con 2013
Seishun Con 2013

Hello folks, Max here to step up to the keyboard to post a podcast for the Cybernauts.  Madarame is off on vacation, and well…  honestly, we needed a podcast.  😛

Star and I attended Seishun-con this past weekend and we had a blast.  This was actually the fourth Seishun-con, but this was the first year we had heard about it. Our podcast pretty much covers our exploits at the con.  Being official press for the con, I felt an obligation for the con to post one ASAP.

Seishun-con took place in Marietta, northwest of Atlanta, this year at the Hilton conference center there, and it was the first year it broke the 1,000 attendance record, and next year it shows lots of promise to be even bigger.

And here is the Cybernauts podcast whether it’s work, or a convention or at the beach! Click on the “like us” on our Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes! And if possible? rate us at iTunes while you’re there, we apperciate and listen to our listeners.
Edited by Takesi Akamatsu aka Max aka Galtrol

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Infernocop: Warning, NSFW

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Dragon Age News & Initial Impressions.

Hello folks, Max aka Galtrol, here to give a little gaming news.  I just started to play Dragon Age: Origins.  Yes, I’m the kind of player that digs in the bargain bin to play stuff on a budget.  It is fortuitous as just in the last few days, some various Dragon Age related news has just popped up.

  • Christ Priestly leaves Bioware and is moving on to PAX Australia
  • Stone Prisoner DLC is now free

Now at this stage, I am still pretty early in the game.  I am finding the mechanics of the game a little awkward, and taking a little getting used to.  It took me a while to figure out that spamming the attack button was unnecessary, my main clue was my character was constantly saying, “Alright, alright…”  One thing that bugs me is that they bothered you to set up a “voice” type for your character, but you never hear it in the dialogue.  What was the point?  Maybe they decided that they didn’t want to do six times the voice acting work.  Maybe the reason will become more evident later in the game.

I usually try and avoid FAQs on the first playthrough of a game, although I am finding there is quite a bit of temptation, as the RPG details are a plenty.  Skill trees, reminiscent to Diablo often leads to questions, such as, will I be able to max out everything?

Then there was the world traveling mechanic.  I was expecting to walk from town to town instead of the Map technique.  I guess not, at least not at this point.  I guess they wanted to deal with a bunch of small sand boxes instead of a huge one, of which I can understand.  It can help reduce any random off the wall glitches that may happen in an obscure part of the map.

Of course there is the usual RPG elements that I hated to deal with on pen an paper, and so glad the system takes care of, such as encumbrance,  money management.

I think I’m doing well for someone who has forgone studying the manual, (except the pics that tell you what gauge is for) and using my RPG experience to figure out all the little elements that may or may not be obvious.