Review: ToshoCon The Utah West Jordan Anime / Manga Convention.


 ToshoCon The Aftermath Review

Alright, so it’s the end of the weekend and we all go back to work in the morning. I do have to admit I did enjoy myself somewhat at this event. There was the cosplaying and panels like the hetalia one of my daughters ended up being on the panel (not sure how that one came about either). There was a Manga swap where you bring a book in take a different book out, which was fun and helpful towards the library system as well. There was a great turn out.

The Anime Crafts was well handled and received; lots of the attendees had fun. There was a photography setup for those attending the convention (Yea I got one of myself there). There was also a viewing room playing some of the more recent popular anime series out there, Black Butler, Tsubasa, and ect. There was a dealer’s room and also Anime Banzai to gather some recruit attendees as well for the last day of pre-registration for the Convention in Layton on Oct 18th thru the 21st.  There was even a small dance there as well that the attendees had a fun blast at and enjoyed the time.

Now here is what in my opinion needed to be looked into and fixed.  There was supposed to be a weapons check, there was none and two attendees were seen bringing in two weapon grade swords which if there had been a weapons check? They would have been detained and told go the fu** home and come back w/o the weapons. Unless they were made of foam or cardboard or plastic, they were NOT ALLOWED.


So that will be something to look into and create a team detail for.  Also The Cosplay event, I’d say about 85% of the cosplay that was there were online costumes or from a local cosplay shop, which really did disappoint me. I loved however those that did create their own cosplays of their characters, those I do tip my hat to. I did see a number of hetalia and Homestuck there and there a few bronies as well. There was even some sailor scouts and Vocaloids as well who had created their designs and who should have won at the cosplay portion of the event.

Also, I saw “Epic Games” was to be there as well as a vendor, I come and I see “Epic *puzzle* & Games” instead being there as a vendor. When I hear and see “Epic Games” being at a con I expect the gaming studio “Epic Games” to be there. That was very disappointing. The Game room, no offense to the card gamers, but it was 99% Yugio Card gamers, no video consoles or arcade booths just Card games and not a wide variety either. Triple slash Studios from the U of U had submitted a Vendor’s form to attend ToshoCon and help out in the game room with demoing their game that’s on the X-Box Arcade store, Magnetic by Nature an awesome arcade side scroller with an Art-Deco feel to it, with the undertones of helping teach people on how magnetics works as well. But somehow no one had received nor got back to them.

Word was that there would be food vendors for the food court out by the outdoor amphitheater. There was a Grinder catering truck where it was five dollars for a grilled cheese sandwich, 8 dollars for a semi decent sub.  I am very likely to throw my hat in in just to get a refresher on convention operations and practices. The Dance was supposed to be from 8 pm to 10 pm, it ended at roughly at 9:15 pm and at 9:45 The PA System explained to the attendees that didn’t have a ride home to start calling their rides for pickup.

So, yea mixed feelings on this event. It was a cool event to have, but there was indeed some areas that need some extreme looking into before next year’s event, which will happen. ToshoCon 2.0 will help next year, time frame not discusses as of yet, but I assure you I will keep apprised of the situations as they come up and come to light on this. For The Cybernauts field review of ToshCon, this is Madarame Harunobu  signing off…………………


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