Seishun-con report! Summer Anime Madness in Atlanta

Seishun Con 2013
Seishun Con 2013

Hello folks, Max here to step up to the keyboard to post a podcast for the Cybernauts.  Madarame is off on vacation, and well…  honestly, we needed a podcast.  😛

Star and I attended Seishun-con this past weekend and we had a blast.  This was actually the fourth Seishun-con, but this was the first year we had heard about it. Our podcast pretty much covers our exploits at the con.  Being official press for the con, I felt an obligation for the con to post one ASAP.

Seishun-con took place in Marietta, northwest of Atlanta, this year at the Hilton conference center there, and it was the first year it broke the 1,000 attendance record, and next year it shows lots of promise to be even bigger.

And here is the Cybernauts podcast whether it’s work, or a convention or at the beach! Click on the “like us” on our Facebook and subscribe to the show on iTunes! And if possible? rate us at iTunes while you’re there, we apperciate and listen to our listeners.
Edited by Takesi Akamatsu aka Max aka Galtrol

A few bits of credits and references in the podcast is as follows.

Infernocop: Warning, NSFW

Cyrus Virus

And a Word From Our Sponsors


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