Dragon Age News & Initial Impressions.

Hello folks, Max aka Galtrol, here to give a little gaming news.  I just started to play Dragon Age: Origins.  Yes, I’m the kind of player that digs in the bargain bin to play stuff on a budget.  It is fortuitous as just in the last few days, some various Dragon Age related news has just popped up.

  • Christ Priestly leaves Bioware and is moving on to PAX Australia
  • Stone Prisoner DLC is now free

Now at this stage, I am still pretty early in the game.  I am finding the mechanics of the game a little awkward, and taking a little getting used to.  It took me a while to figure out that spamming the attack button was unnecessary, my main clue was my character was constantly saying, “Alright, alright…”  One thing that bugs me is that they bothered you to set up a “voice” type for your character, but you never hear it in the dialogue.  What was the point?  Maybe they decided that they didn’t want to do six times the voice acting work.  Maybe the reason will become more evident later in the game.

I usually try and avoid FAQs on the first playthrough of a game, although I am finding there is quite a bit of temptation, as the RPG details are a plenty.  Skill trees, reminiscent to Diablo often leads to questions, such as, will I be able to max out everything?

Then there was the world traveling mechanic.  I was expecting to walk from town to town instead of the Map technique.  I guess not, at least not at this point.  I guess they wanted to deal with a bunch of small sand boxes instead of a huge one, of which I can understand.  It can help reduce any random off the wall glitches that may happen in an obscure part of the map.

Of course there is the usual RPG elements that I hated to deal with on pen an paper, and so glad the system takes care of, such as encumbrance,  money management.

I think I’m doing well for someone who has forgone studying the manual, (except the pics that tell you what gauge is for) and using my RPG experience to figure out all the little elements that may or may not be obvious.


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