Genshiken Nidaime! Anime Promo Clip is OUT!

Ok, first off, I’m sorry for the lack of news and more so on lack of podcast. I came down with a nasty case of pneumonia and was pretty down for the count I had quite a fight between working, being sick, and helping keep the house up and cleaning and such. But I digress; I would like to say WOOT! On the upcoming 1st episode of Genshiken Nidaime is out on TV in Japan on July 3rd what better way to celebrate the pre 4th of July in the US than with a look at the series the day after! I’ve been following the scanlations and I love the series myself I do, I just wished it was possible for the chapters to come out more quickly. I’m sitting waiting for Ch. 89 to come out I want to see how Angela and Sue interact around Madarame-san. Seriously, we all know Sue is hot for Madarame and so is Angela as well and I want to see catfight and hair pulling over him!

I did get the 1st promo clip for Genshiken Nidaime and here it is in all its glory! This is going to be a great midsummer series to start into the second half of the 2nd Quarter of the TV Season. What/who do you want see hook up or see how the relationships are coming along? How are the new members of Genshiken interacting with the Genshiken of Olde? All I can say is post up your thought and girdle your minds Otakus! It’s going to be a fly by your Yukutas Slice of life TV Series!   I’m really looking forward to the changing of gears with the circle and see how things and how close to the manga the studio will stay with the original storyline and how many deviations or twists they will add to the anime series VS the manga?


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