Ep. 30 “The Return of LB and Amanda of Ani.me The Sequel”


I was out of the office, house and my mind that weekend, so Maximillian not only got to edit the podcast but also conducted it as well. Sounds like everyone had a great time LB and Amanda both a pair of awesome editors and field reports/panelists in the anime industry for ANI.ME gave us some insight on what to look forward to for this spring release and some of their own favorites as well as what the in was at Sakura Con this year. Psycho Pass seems to have recieved quite the warm welcome and following this last winter quarter, just listening to the opening and ending theme I sense a reason of why. I myself am looking forward personally to the 2 Season of Accel world and the up and coming Genshiken Nidaime AKA Genshiken 2.0 (in my book anyway).

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Takesi Ken Akamatsu

Side note Psycho Pass Opening and End By Yugo Kanno Cat Tag. TBR22422D-2


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