ASL – Anime Salt Lake here we come !


Well, it’s less than 24 hrs. away and I’m already prepping and getting ready to invade ANIME SALT LAKE! It’s snowed this morning so we’re all hoping this is just a pass over it will be gone by this afternoon and we won’t have to worry about it tomorrow, especially for some of the cosplayers that will be attending this ASL. I will of course be Tomodachi from 20th Century Boys, The Manga, and Live Movie adaptation by Naoki Urasawa. I love that guy as much as a bad guy he was portrayed as I think personally he was just misunderstood and that is why he walked the path and took a wrong turn and only at the end his journey did he and the others realized that he had found the path back, but a little late at that point.

Some of the fun that was had Last Year at ASL 2012.







But we’ll be on the lookout for Chris Rager Voice Actor Extraordinare, Mr. Satan, Hercules, King Yama from The DragonBall Z Franchise from FUNimation. As well my new Video Character Mr. Torque of Borderlands 2 – By Gearbox and as Arlong Lord of The Auquadic Kingdom in the mainstream anime of One Piece . Also a rare opportunity to meet up with fellow podcast team Hello Sweetie, which will be at ASL Saturday evening March 23rd with Ms. Danielle Britton Crafterian of Jewelry Lovecraft Style and an Artist of some talent as well. 😉 SO, be ready and if by chance you see us on the floor at ASL? Don’t hesitate to say hi to us.

Here is Chris Ekstrom on and His Live Action Anime Panel 101


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