Playwrights, a Tardis and Podcast oh my!

Hello, it’s me yet again. After 3.5 days of the flu and well I could go into colorful details, but I’ll spare you. Needless to say it did completely kick my rear hatch to the armory back to the barracks. But I can hold down food and liquids finally and my eyes and stomach only hurt when exposed to light and when I breath. Finally got this site updated not including this last week’s Ep which was pretty cool we interviewed some very interesting people.

Brent Lengel, a noted playwright I know from a community we used to mutually frequent from time to time. He’s really come into his own with some of his plays and is even been in the New York Examiner as well. There is Snow White Zombie Apocalypse being one and North to Maine as of late. He is also an Occupy activist as well and has the bruises and pepperspray to prove it. This is his second time on the podcast and we do hope to have him on again later on in the year.

We also had The Doctor from The Up and Coming Doctor Who: the Forgotten Doctor, and got the chance to chat it up a bit with the Good Doctor and his 2 Executive producers. They’ll be here at the Atlanta Poly Week for a screening of the 1st episode and a Q and A Panel as well! It was quite interesting to hear the premises and how this came about between the Good Doctor and his producers and how this all came about. Also the artwork and FX of Roy Wolley from Faceoff is involved on this project as well providing some insight to some of the aliens the good doctor will be running into. I will not ruin it for you “Spoilers and All” but indeed take a listen to the latest podcast when it’s uploaded. In the meantime here is a teaser trailer.

And if you are a Whovian, and wished to kick in on helping them out? Just click here and donate. It will be well appreciated and placed to good us

Download Episode 26 HERE!

Edits to the Podcasts are credited to

Takesi Ken Akamatsu


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