A Episode of rantastic comedy

On this podcast, we’re discussing slice of life Manga, subtitling, sailor moon, and other anime based topics. CG, Max, and I also discussed some of the issues in Japan concerning the low birth rate, the decrease in population, low testosterone issues. Then again there have been issues with earthquakes, nuclear reactions going down, and tsunamis ruining the coastal strip in the upper northern portion of japan.


We touched base on some of the latest on some of the recent MMO betas and what to expect. We also discussed politics, television, current education systems, and current incidents with gun control and how people start to blame FPS and the gaming industry as a whole. Guns do not kill people; People who have the guns in their hands kill people. Also you can check out Max’s review on Black Jack and Dawn of Dracula anyways, tune in form your own opinions on the subjects we discussed this episode.

Download Episode 25 HERE!

Edits to the Podcasts are credited to

Takesi Ken Akamatsu


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