Ep 24 Parasite Dolls and MMO Reveiw

This time around we’re discussing The anime OVA series Parasite dolls and some of the insights from Parasite Dolls and the AD Police files and do electric peeps dream? Plus we’re talking about some of the newer MMOs that are currently in beta. We’re also going over briefly on Defiance the upcoming SyFy TV series and MMO that will run in conjunction with each other. We’re go over some of the Old School anime and The Spoofs that are out there one in particular of “3 guys and a VCR” and the crazy parodies that they created back in the mid 80’s.

One the favorites, was Voltron hellbent for leather and Ranma 1/3 Notes from the closet as shown above. We also confirm that Accelworld also gets a 2nd season as well which is great news to hear. Next Ep tune in where me and CG and Max discuss anime games and politics and listen as I go a bit left field a number of depths and tangent off on politics and the way I think things are being run currently.

Download Episode 24 HERE!

Edits to the Podcasts are credited to

Takesi Ken Akamatsu


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