Red5 Studios “Firefall” Beta Testing Enrollment


Hello everyone, another Friday is here and a weekend begins. This weekend I and most of the crew will be playing Firefall by Red5 Studios, it’s a massively multiplayer online team-based computer game from Red5 Studios, a studio founded by Mark Kern.

Firefall is a disaster that takes place roughly two centuries in the future so about 2200 AD. An asteroid was predicted to fly by in proximity to Earth and be a near miss. The Asteroid entered the gravity well of the Moon instead and shattered into a meteor shower. Many of these shards began to slam into the Earth while the bulk of what was left of the asteroid entered a low fast decaying orbit around the Earth, splintering off even more shards and debris that continued to break free of the asteroid. The asteroid what was left of it, crashed into Earth, and with this, plummeted mankind into a dark technological age known as the 9 Year Winter. The larger governments splintered during the turmoil, other nations bound together, and formed a unified alliance to stand against the rising sea of troubles and civil unrest.

Scientists in Japan came across a new element called crystite. They discovered a new element but this was just the seed crystite. After further study and scouring the primary crash zone where they able to gather up more of this new element, only a gram or two was actually recovered by the sifting of earth and sand. A number of studies and research on crystite shows that it pivots the known laws of physics on its head, and thus crystite quickly became a massive and new source of power with almost unlimited potential. It did become a primary power source for the world and a new dawn rose on the horizon. But as with everything this world and its natives behavior, Crystite is still a foreign element that came from the asteroid that impacted into Earth, it is a resource potentially w/o limits? As usual humankind would want more as greed usually comes into play on such a type a commodity such as this.

Now, we were able to figure out where the Crystite came from after plotting the asteroid’s flight path. Seems that its origin was that of Alpha Centauri. We then started a space mining program that took 4 years to establish and setup between the 2 star systems. The settlement was dubbed Alpha Prime while 7 more transports were commissioned for exporting and importing of Crystite.

Regardless of Crystite being a new source of energy , the global powers started to think and with good cause, that the reliance on the Crystite, if revolution came into play on Alpha Prime, it could in fact topple Earth to its knees. So in taking this into effect, the scientists of earth created a technology called arcfolding (Think star trek warp drive.) where a manmade wormhole is created and an energy shell protects the vessel while its crew is in cryogenic sleep, so in fact what would be a 4 year round trip span dropped to a 4 day round trip span. This is all thanks to the discovery of Crystite.

So with earth finally settling its internal conflicts and issues and collaborating together for the greater good, 2 Crystite Reactors built into her the Arclight was born. This was to be a sign of strength over Alpha Prime on who really was the alpha being in this situation and let Alpha Prime know that earth is not a planet to trifle with. But on its maiden voyage something horrible happened, so horrible it can only be compared with the time of the great impact occurred.
The Arclight fired up its Reactors for its 1st Arcfold in orbit at a Lagrange point as it was the one of the safest ways from a stability point of view. A mistake in calculations was made and as it opened the Portal Access of the wormhole, it in fact tore a rip in space/time and an Energy storm that was entitled “The Melding” and poured into our solar system and rifted across the blue ball we called home what we called earth, leaving small areas of the planet still habitable for humankind.

“The Melding” terraforms the areas it infects with its radiation and seems that humankind on earth has an issue with most of its populace being mutated into a race dubbed “The Chosen”. Our roles in this is one of the surviving pockets of humans left on the planet most of us belonging to the accord. Our Job currently, retake the planet clear out resistance and dissipates The Melding from planeside.

Current status for all Accord Agent on Fortaleza, guard the surrounding area and keep it secured. It is imperative to keep the STIZ Bubble active. Not registered yet? Oh Hanna on a Hand Grenade! Here register here and start your process Agent! Oh, and if you need a hand, once you’re processed in? Look for MadrameHarunobu that me; I’ll be glad to help out and show you around Fortaleza.


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