The CyberNauts Cast Special 13: Hurricane Sandy w/ The Peter Network

Welcome back everyone. This time, we talk to one Peter Fay of NYC, as he describes his struggle for survival in a world blow away by a hurricane… Sandy. We also give some pointers to Peter on what he can do to survive, as well as us talking about Disney and Star Wars teaming up, amusement parks and much more.

I also want to add a link to the Red Cross for anyone who cares to donate to the cause, as people are still without power, and well, are utterly homeless. Our hearts and prayers go out to the survivors affected by this storm, and all we can do is hope for a better future for all of them.

Edited by Madarame: If you can, also remember to donate what foods you can as well in this time of need. No one should have to go hungry as well. Let’s keep the spirit of volunteering and hospitality going by giving what we can to the food banks in New York and it’s surrounding impacted areas.

Download Episode HERE!!


This show has:

Meet the man who documented his ongoing struggle for survival in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.
(This and more on his YT page).


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