The CyberNauts Cast Episode 19 – Golgo 13: Queen Bee

“Mr. President, I have my own plan for a successful diplomacy.”

Welcome to a SPECIAL EDITION of The CyberNauts Cast. Not only is it election day, where we the people decide the right American leader for the next 4 years, but we also talk about the most political anime ever made, Golgo 13: Queen Bee. If you don’t believe me, all I can say is that it might be a bibliography of “anime” Mitt Romney most successful political rally ever made. This also contains having anime Mitt Romney is the daddy to Queen Bee, how anime Mitt Romney uses drugs on his war “against drugs,” how Queen Bee has a ton of kids, southern redneck south american revolutionaries, how women’s cloths can disintegrate when having sex with Golgo 13, and how Golgo 13 always hits the mark, all the time. We actually stayed on topic this time, and this (to date) is our shortest episode out there. But we do stray off a bit on things like what our upcoming reviews will be, how Love that Goku went to jail, and we talk about Wreck it Ralph for a moment. All this and more in this weeks episode.

Download Episode HERE


This show has:

The only song in the world worth listening too…


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