The CyberNauts Cast Special 11b – BanzaiCon 2012 Talkback

This is totally how it went down guys…

Welcome once again to another special segment here on the podcast. This time, I get to (finally) tell my tale of BanzaiCon 2012. It was an adventure unlike no other, even if I went there for a day. I got to experience things like meeting Tiffany Grant, seeing Vic Mignogna from a distance, getting schooled in fighting games, other peoples panels, meeting other nerds in the area, buying stupid crap, getting harassed by city cops, following girl directions, and hosting the mother of all panels. We also go off topic a bit, like trying to figure out Tiffany Grant first dubbing role (Its Guy Double Target peeps), discussing hentai series, gundam/kirby talk and a bunch more.

Download Episode HERE


This show has:


Vic reminds us how he is one of “those guys” at the con…


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