The CyberNauts Cast Episode 18 – Ohata Month #3 – Genocyber

Fairy Dreamin!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!! In this segment, we will have our final phase of Ohata anime coming right at you, and what a perfect fit for this day of hallows eve, Genocyber. This anime has Bostonians in Hong Kong, hating planes, your sister is a cyborg, kids getting molested by bullies, stop motion cockroaches eating your brains, kids dying on the beach, people named “Redneck”, people saying WTF ALL THE TIME!!, and how Hong Kong AND THE WORLD GETS ESPLODED!!! We also dive into somethings off topic, such as the science behind how time works in DBZ, general anime and video game talk, Jaws movies, how the world may end, the latest Chris Chan news, me having AUDIO ISSUES, and us talking about the people we know of on Toon Radio. All this and so much more in this episode.

Download Episode HERE!!


This show has:

Yep, that’s pretty much Genocyber folks!

I call automatic B.S. on that sir!


The only kind of math Toon Ruthless knows about.



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