The CyberNauts Cast Episode 16 – Ohata Month #1 – M.D. Geist Review

Can’t stop, hes just a soujah!!!

Welcome again to another high energy, action packed, no-holds bards podcast episode, as we here at The CyberNauts Cast dive into the insanely badly (or greatly) directed anime’s done by non other than Koichi Ohata. Our co-host, as well as the aid of the people over at One Pixel Jump, crash land our space prison colony on the world of M.D. Geist. Many may consider this “one of the worst anime’s ever made,” but we happen to agree it just might be one of the best ever created. This anime contains top of the line (AWSOMELY BAD) dubbing, taking out death forces with your battle tank, power armor made for football players, fighting a half-man-half-blue-god-man who owns his pimpin crappy fortress, mullets, being a total badass, kids getting stabbed by their half-blue-god-man, and being the most dangerous, most dangerous man alive. We happen to discuss other things, such as how football could fit in to the world of M.D. Geist, the deep meaning behind this anime (courtesy of the comments posted in Colony Drop), how movies can be like M.D. Geist, how this could be a Sealab 2021 spoof, Capcom vs Ohata video game, and TONS more added. All this and so much more in this weeks installment.

Download Episode HERE!!


This show has:

Id say it was a fair call on the ref’s part

A proper way to to kill a man

What I think of you haters out there


One thought on “The CyberNauts Cast Episode 16 – Ohata Month #1 – M.D. Geist Review

  1. This was an ok 2 part OVA set but the dubbing could have been better played even if it was back in 1989. It could be redubbed and updated ever so slightly for a RE-release on DVD and BluRay. But as it stands its a tongue in cheek type of OVA with Madmax Stylized action.

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