The CyberNauts Cast Special 10 – Summer Shows Part A – Mysterious Girlfriend X n’ Accel World Talkback

This episode sure reeks of “Drool.”

(Disclaimer: If you guys wanna skim to the Accel World review, its right at the 25 minute mark. Anything before it, its at your own discretion.)

So its been a while since we have done a special for you guys, but we got a 2 part-er for this special, as we finally get around to anime shows from the spring/summer that we have been keeping up with. This is more a Steve and Amanda show (yes, we got a girl, who is on our podcast roster) where they both talk about Mysterious Girlfriend X and Accel world. I happen to give my ramblings to a show like MGX, as I try to browbeat both Amanda and Steve for liking it, in which they take their stand on this show and give good defending points and factors about it. After that, they both discuss and sum up Accel World. This episode contains ranting, spit, more spit, the dangers of Diet Coke, JCVD movies (mostly about Universal Soldier), convention talk (preferably us talking about the Bubblegum Crisis Panel at Anime Weekend Atlanta, which this was recorded a week before the con, so I didn’t go to it), and why you should give me money at BanzaiCon. All this and more in this special episode. Stay tuned for Part B.

Download Episode HERE


Disclaimer 2: If anyone is reading this and went to the BGC panel at AWA, send us a link to the vid, we would love to have it. Also, I am doing a panel at BanzaiCon on Saturday, October 13th from 10 to 11pm titled What the Damn Moments in Anime. Its the same panel I did at RoundCon, only 18 plus. Oh yeah…

This show has:

How falling for the weirdest girl in school was a bad idea.

This show is next…. for serious guys… (with less SPIT)


13 thoughts on “The CyberNauts Cast Special 10 – Summer Shows Part A – Mysterious Girlfriend X n’ Accel World Talkback

  1. Seriously Dustin? Peeps, Mysterious Girlfriend X is a Fetish series, but as me and amanda will contest, this is a slice of life love story and friendship of high schoolers coming of age to adulthood. The Situations are funny, but mostly because the main protaginistic characters swap spit sorta by sticking each other’s fingers in their mouths.

  2. Was there any reason to edit “spit” to “drool” on that first line? I mean, they are both one in the same.

    If people listen to this episode before commenting, they will find that your review on the show is what you just have stated in the comment. Plus we got a compelling argument on both sides, and I stand by my statement.

  3. After the summer time of showing off try and all the disturbances, right now we all have to visit “back in order to school” and acquire lets start on the hard work.

  4. I tried to watch this show so that I could form an opinion before listening to the podcast. I tried. But I can’t stand fetish anime. I’m with Dustin on this one. There are plenty of shows within the ‘slice of life’ genre that don’t involve spit-tasting, and I hate to say it, but I’m over teenage melodramas and the like. This show needs a counterbalance; someone that can provide a non-anime viewer’s opinion on the show, because I don’t know how you can be unbiased if you love anime so much.

    • And like I said if you can get past the fetish part of it, it’s not a bad storyline, although I do wonder if it will get a 2nd season to finish the series off from Beginning to end. Or will this end up on the curb like Air Gear WHICH DESERVES A 2nd SEASON! *Huff Huff Huff* and yea …….

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