The CyberNauts Cast Episode 14 – Hokuto No Ken Arc 2 Review

I just died in your arms tonight…

Welcome to another episode of The CyberNauts Cast. We have switched gears in our podcast speed demon machine from insane Kawajiri gear to insane Hokuto Shinken gear as we discuss the second arc of Fist of the North Star. Our previous podcast we discussed the first arc and some of the second, so ill put up a link not to confuse you guys. This episode has plugging up dams with large amounts of the earth, kicking your karate step brothers butt in front of everyone, using the stars to decide your fate, grown men acting like snooty 16 year old girls, and having a guy die in your arms… which is totally not gay. We also use our martial podcast arts technique to chop through other topics such as digital tv stuff, how to make booze in the post apocalypse, talk about giant horses ( pretty sure this is what Roah had, or the Kokuoh), how you can play video games while your asleep, terrible cartoons, movie and anime talk (like this movie), post apocalypse homosexuals, politics, Patlabor talk, AUDIO ISSUES WHOOO, and much more.

Download Episode HERE


This show has:

Raoh: The only man who says he will challenge God himself in a battle!!


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