Patlabor Sentai/Live Action Movie rumor going around

Mamoru Oshii creator of  a number of well known anime series and movies had suggested that possible plans of a Sentai Patlabor Film went by a online conversation. Although he has denied the possibilities of a “Patlabor live-action Movie” in production, he did state that I’ve suddenly became busy over the past three years but I was free, to maybe do a Patlabor live-action Movie in a gradual transition though. Speculation of a Patlabor  live-action Movie might be ready still a rumor and only a rumor but what if it was true?

When the premiere be announced?

What would the Roadshow tour/screening dates be?

Just plain and simply “When”

That’s it from me

Madarame Harunobu your In the field snoop.


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