The CyberNauts Cast Episode 12 – Kawajiri Month #3 – Ninja Scroll

He’s an easy lover…

Welcome to another grand episode of The CyberNauts Cast, where we are getting into the other half of Kawajiri month with his most well known greatest-anime-movie-ever, Ninja Scroll. This has Rock demon dudes, women who don’t get man sausage in them, blind swordsman, bee guys, anime Victor Kruger and snake vaginas. Per the usual, we get off topic before we ever get on topic, which got us back off topic briefly to be on topic again with topics that include Steve’s old-grouchy-rants of the leaked TMNT script/G4TV/the weather, Mad Max talk, End of Eva talk, Kawajiri’s other stuff, Bobby Hill getting beer, Hokuto No Ken jokes, some Japanese history, summon of CG, the passing of Neil Armstrong and much much more.

Join the gang of One Pixel Jump as we battle clans of ninjas together.

Download Episode HERE!!


This show has:

The Live Action Genma!!

Good ol’ Steve and his old man ramblings…

Just be sure he’s had his morning coffee or you catching him in this type of a mood……..


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