The CyberNauts Cast Episode 11 – Kawajiri Month #2 – Cyber City Oedo Review

Welcome to another episode of The CyberNauts Cast, as we continue into our Kawajiri Month with another fantastic OVA from the 90’s, Cyber City Oedo 808. This has tough guys, men in drag, laser shooting sabertooth tigers, monofilament wires, big guns, creative swearing and the ultimate dick of a boss ever. Of course, we have a lot to get off topic before we get on topic, with Steve mentioning the fall of OnLive, mention of Manos: The Hands of Fate game, Anime Live Action movie talks/gripes, Die Hard talk, Koichi Ohata titles, William Gibson, people from Louisiana, Turbo Graphix 16 anime games and much much more. Stay tuned to the end for our zinger audio, and of course we had audio issues too.

One Pixel Jump joins in with us in the Cyber Police.

Download Episode HERE!!


This show has:

This show is the Kawajiri Version of Die Hard.


Dat Ass



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