The CyberNauts Cast Episode 10 – Kawajiri Month #1 – Goku: Midnight Eye

Fighting in the Danger!

Welcome to another segment theme this month as we bring you Kawajiri Month on The CyberNauts Cast!! This month (and some of September I’m sure) were going to give you the essentials of one of animes greatest directers ever, Yoshiaki Kawajiri! We kick off with and OVA that everyone needs to see regardless, and that is Goku: Midnight Eye. This piece of Kawajiri contains women WHO SHOOT LASERS FROM DIER MOUFS!!, (non) poisonous mosquito’s, girls with peacock feathers who hypnotize men to kill themselves (naw, its just the boobies that do it), able to control all of the technology in the world, and the greatest weapon known to mankind, swans that spread deadly STD viruses! We also go off topic with things like the Highlander series, anime forums, ranting on other podcasters, shark movies, Japanese Footloose music, AUDIO ISSUES, super robot talk and much much more.

Join our special/adopted podcast attendees One Pixel Jump in our monthly segment.

Download Episode HERE!


This show has:


Can you guess the hidden message in this image for our next week episode? (Totally did not take this from AWO…ok, maybe I did)

In 1989, this ment something to the anime community, to stand next to leotard Russian models or something.

All you need to know about this anime ever…


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