The CyberNauts Cast Special 9 – Robot Talk #1- Kuratas Talkback

Chicks Dig Giant ROBOTS!!

Welcome to yet another episode of The CyberNauts Cast. This week we are starting up hopefully something that will continue past this episode, and that is Robot Talk, where we talk about robots and robot like things. We bring in our gearhead co-host Steve to talk about Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s own creation, the “Kuratas.” We decide to break down this mech in all the cool things it does, regarding the price to get one, attachments, color schemes, operating systems, all of that fun stuff. This also gets us to talk about Robots in general, Shinji Aramaki stuff, Front Mission games, color schemes in Gundam Battle Operations and internet chatter. All this and more in this weeks episode.

Download Episode HERE!


This show has:


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