The CyberNauts Cast Special 6 – Connecticon 2012 Talkback

HOT OFF THE PRESSES: We got a new special for you guys this week, and this time our very own VeemonJosh was there at Connecticon 2012. But as you know, not all of our episodes are that “straight forward” as this episode we get trolled by our Internet Correspondent DaftPunkFan and his stupid friend, how Josh was feet away on stage with The Nostalgia Critic, bashing people who want to say they are experts on Gundam and run panels about it, jerks who run video game panels to hurt other nerds, I list off Dreamcast games and more. We also mention Ghostbusters people, how GhostPolitics twitter is gone (but now its back?), anime talk and Steve joins in all this. (FYI, this episode started like 30 minutes into our recording, but its full of us doing nothing for that time and Josh having audio issues, so maybe that might be on a bonus episode on day, who knows). Oh yea, Jeff from AG/DAP joins in with this, because he had nothing better to do.

Oh yea, heads up to anyone in the South Carolina area: I got a panel at RoundCon this weekend on Sat. Aug 4th from 7-8pm if anyone is interested. The title will be “What the ?!? Moments in Anime” as I get to show the unsuspecting crowd animes biggest “what the damn” moments. If anyone is going you got something to look forward too.

Download Episode HERE!


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