The CyberNauts Cast Episode 8 – Summer of Gundam Week 7 – Gundam Unicorn Ep. 5

Our last Gundam episode for the summer is here. It has been a fun ride as we covered all of the Universal Century shows (well except for Unicorn, and we count our earlier stuff as part of our reviews). We now end this with our review/talkback of Gundam Unicorn 5. This show was so interesting to talk about, that we decided to talk about other Gundam shows, because there wasn’t all that much to mention in this review. Although it did have people sky diving, people being Jesus, broken hearts, insane women, and the return of some old Gundam members. Of course in between our review we mention things like teaching jobs in japan, name of random movie titles, Gundam politics/food/novels/comparisons between Wing and OO, if G Gundam was redone using the world leaders as fighters, and talking about robots/mechs. Of course Steve joins in with his minor discussion on Bakuman, and makes an apology to a former member of our old podcast. We also do a story off Weeaboo Stories which gets us to talk about dumb weeaboo’s. All this and more on this weeks episode.

Join in with Andy from Anime Graruru as our adopted/guest co-host.

Download Episode HERE!!

This show has:

What if there was a Gundam burger out there?


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