The CyberNauts Cast Episode 6 – Summer of Gundam Week 5 – Gundam F91

Summer never stops over at The CyberNauts Cast. This week to continue our summer of Gundam series, we get to talk about another “Complination-Movie-To-A-Series-That-Never-Happened” called Gundam F91. This has space pirates, the feddies not really caring all that much, finding your girlfriend in space, trying to assassinate dictators in the head with a bullet that cant penitrate iron, and black people dying.

Of course, this movie gets really boring for us, and we go on tangants about Batman movies, the Fritz Lang “Metropolis” movie, talk about other anime and Andy rants on Crossbone Gundam. Josh joins in and gives his piece on F91 and we talk about wildfires in the MidWest and mention our soon-to-be review of the Roger Corman Fantastic Four movie/Batman fan films. All this and more in this weeks episode.

Andy of course joines in from the Anime Graruru podcast. And our “Zinger” music is from the Metropolis 80’s Soundtrack.

Download Episode HERE



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