The CyberNauts Cast Special 4 – We just be Rollin all day

This episode was recorded like a month ago, but I just didn’t know where or when to put it, till just now. On this special we got me, Jonn, Josh and our “Internet Correspondent” Daft as we do really… nothing but sit around and chill. Ok, we talked about our thoughts on Toonami’s first night back on the air (goes to show you how long ago we recorded this), and Josh/Daft talk about MoterCity/Tron on Disney XD. Well, I was on the show only in the beginning and I dropped out a 4th way in, but that didn’t stop Daft and Jonn chilling out on the mic. From what I skimmed through, we mentioned things like the Area 51/Maximum Force arcade games, PG movies, other Toonami shows, Gainax, ranted on Adult Swim, anime company drama, Internet People, Paul Rubens, MLP fans, Yu-Gi-Oh, movies that are out and SOO much more!! I didn’t bother editing a thing on this, so I have no clue what is in store for you guys, but enjoy regardless. Oh yea, its like a 2 some hour recording, just FYI!!


Download Episode HERE!!



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