The CyberNauts Cast Episode 5 – Summer of Gundam Week 4 – Char’s Counterattack

 Were gonna take it into overtime!!

Welcome to another episode of the CyberNauts Cast, and another week of more Gundam for you guys. For this week, we discuss the greatest of all Gundam movies, Char’s Counterattack. We get around to discussing what’s in this show, which we talk about annoying female characters, female characters who are dumb, female characters who think they know everything, killing your parents, slam dunking your rival into an asteroid, comparing this movie (a bit) to Space Jam, corrupt feddy politics and we discuss what Tomino does (NOT) do best, Directing.

We also mention things such as how people complain/my little review about the new Gundam Battle Operations game (ie, those GunDamn fans on the Facebooks), we mention Gundam: The Origin (ie, our man love for Char), the Gundam novels and more. If you stick around to the end, our zinger/bonus content includes hearing Jeff freaking out over computer issues and us doing video game talk, with the occasional audio issues.

We are again joined but the Gundam experts of Anime Graruru in this weeks episode.

Download Episode HERE!!


This show has :

The best movie trailer I have ever done seen.


How Char evolved from CHARmelion to CHARizard

We mention this letter too…


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