The CyberNauts Cast Episode 4 – Summer of Gundam Week 3 – Double Zeta Gundam Review

Its a Gun-Gundam SUMMER!!!!

Since we realized that our Gundam month will take up most of the summer, we dubbed it “Summer of Gundam” or “Summer of Anaheim” if you prefer. To make it a true summer of Gundam, we decide to take the kids from Double Zeta Gundam to the beach where they make a mess of things, annoy one another, and drop colonies on sandcastles when were done for the day. In case you didn’t know, were going to talk about Double Zeta Gundam in this weeks episode. This show has turning you ship into a chicken farm, starting a food fight with the Argama crew, meeting space cult people, and liking crazy women with 80’s hair. After that we hit up our mailbag and mention the comments/emails we get from our last and current podcast.  We also have a bonus at the end where we talk about the recent falling out/mental downfall of Noah Antwiler “aka The Spoony Experiment.” (twitter gossip HERE)

We also mention things like how Pedobear was interviewed at the Sandusky case, we read out Timbox “Princess of Shangara” (LONGASCRAP) movie outline, mention new shows, and how I was watching the College World Series (CONGRATS ARIZONA WHOO!). All this and more in this weeks episode.

Andy from Anime Graruru joins us again, and probably will for the rest of “Summer of Gundam”.

 Download Episode HERE!!


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THIS JUST IN!!!: Dude, Gundam Battle Operation is OUT ON THE PSN NETWORK (Japan only). But, if you can get your own JP PSN account started, then you can try the game out. It is FREE, sorta. Just go to Kotaku for more info!!

This show has:

Fat Chara? I Dun Get IT?


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