The CyberNauts Cast Special 3 – ECGC’12 and Phoenix ComicCon Talkback

We have more “special” content for you guys since it’s another week without Gundam (we will kick it off again next week). This is a Jonn/Zeonic podcast where 2 guys sit down and talk about stuff and places they went too. Our main topics are our discussions of this years East Coast Game Conference and Phoenix ComicCon. Of course, like any of our episodes, we get off topic and talk about things such as what (NOT) to do to pick up girls, being on other shows, relationship advice,  Iron Man filming talk in Cary NC, My Little Pony fans, internet people, Robin and the Dreamweavers, rigged drawings, meeting game designer people, Gundam models and Shogun Warriors toy talk, talk about Gundam some more, Kawajiri anime, somewhat (failed) live action anime adaptations, ADV anime titles and much much more.

Download Episode HERE!!!

Please email us at cybernautscastATgmailDOTcom to ask us ANYTHING, or visit us on iTunes and leave a review.

Conf. pics below:

Pictured: Josh Fairhurst: President/Program Lead/CEO/ BEST BUDDY of Mighty Rabbit Studios!!


These jerks who win all of the stuff they auction!!! GAHHH!!!!


Edit 11/15/12: Jonn and his Shogun Warriors toys…


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