The CyberNauts Cast Episode 3 – Gundam Month Week 2 – Zeta Gundam Review


We kick off week 2 of Gundam month with our review of Zeta Gundam. This show contains having your parents killed, what is canon to Gundam (between the movies and the show), being under newtype house arrest, mentioning 90’s Vam Damme movies to Gundam, almost forgetting main characters, people dying like a punk, how long it takes people to watch a Gundam show and much much more. We spent like half the time talking about other Gundam movies/series than we did with this one, which means we kinda spoiled some stuff in the upcoming Gundam reviews, but not too terribly bad I don’t think. We also have bonus content at the end where we mention how people like to poorly print money to get food from school, consulting the internet on how to build your model kits and singing Christmas carols. It sucks that I missed out on Animazement this year, but I will make my return to it next year. Oh yea, and its been a year since our botched Five Star Stories review, which we could review…one day.

We are joined by the host of Anime Graruru once again in this weeks installment, enjoy!!

Download Episode HERE!!!!

This show has:

The song Katz and I cry to every night in our Gundam cockpits:


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